National Day to Remember Aborted Children a Reminder of Babies Abortion Kills

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 13, 2013   |   5:16PM   |   Washington, DC

Tens of thousands of pro-life people will participate in the National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children tomorrow at over 100 locations nationwide. The event, held at actual burial places of aborted babies and other memorial sites, will serve as a powerful reminder of how abortion kills children. 

The event marks the 25th anniversary of the burial of 1200 aborted babies at Holy Cross Cemetery in Milwaukee.

“I encourage you to attend a service at a gravesite if you can. Our presence right there where the victims are buried is a powerful witness to the humanity of these poor, innocent children,” says Eric Scheidler of the Pro-Life Action League. “I hope you’ll join me tomorrow as we mourn for all the babies who have lost their lives to legal abortion in our country and rededicate ourselves to fighting for their protection.”

As far back as 1980 the remains of aborted babies have been discovered and retrieved from abortion clinic dumpsters by local pro-lifers—and thus a fraction of the millions of unborn children aborted nationwide have found their way into human cemeteries.

Monica Miller, who is coordinating the event in Michigan, talked more about the history of unborn babies getting memorial services.

“In 1980 the earliest burial of five aborted babies in Michigan occurred when the bodies of 4 aborted babies were found in a storage locker at a Detroit hospital and another baby tossed in an alley near an abortion clinic in Oakland County,” she said. “They are buried at White Chapel cemetery in Troy.

“The most recent retrievals of the bodies of aborted children occurred in 2008 and in the year 2010. The bodies found in 2008 were aborted at the Woman Care clinic in Lathrup Village owned by now retired abortionist Alberto Hodari and the Women’s Advisory clinic in Livonia, operated by abortionist Reginald Sharpe and closed in March 2013,” Miller continued. “The aborted babies were tossed in dumpsters by clinic staff with hundreds of patient records and excessive bio-hazard waste which prompted investigations of both clinics by the Michigan Dept. of Environmental Quality.”

Miller continued: “In February 2010 pro-lifer Chris Veneklase searched the trash dumpster used by the Womens Choice clinic in Lansing and found the remains of 17 aborted babies, the mothers’ names and dates of the abortions were written on the bags that contained them.  This discovery prompted a year-long investigation of the clinic and its sister clinic, WomensChoice in Saginaw by the Michigan Attorney General’s office in which it was discovered that the clinics were improperly incorporated. Both clinics were forced to cease operations.  The 17 aborted babies were buried Nov. 20, 2010 at Saint Joseph cemetery in Lansing.  The cemetery contains another grave of aborted children retrieved in 1989 from the dumpster of Hodari’s Woman Care clinic in Lansing.”



““All of these unborn children met a terrible, violent death in legalized abortion. Their bodies were then literally thrown away in the trash. Members of our group retrieved many of these babies from clinic dumpsters and trash cans,” she concluded. “This desecration of life is happening in America today –right now–under the unjust law of Roe versus Wade!  Since 1973 over 50 million unborn children have been killed. Only a small fraction of these victims were humanely buried because pro-lifers took them from the trash. These graves puncture the American landscape and are a tragic and visible reminder that we must end the injustice of abortion. On September 14th these memorial services, right at the graves of the victims, will be a powerful public witness to our nation that abortion truly kills innocent human beings and serve as a call for justice, healing and forgiveness.”