Seven Moms Who Rejected Abortion, Chose Life in Risky Birth Situations

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 11, 2013   |   11:36AM   |   Washington, DC

The pro-life movement has actively engaged in promoting pro-life lists at the popular Buzzfeed social media web site. Joining the National Right to Life Committee in bringing the pro-life message to its community forum today is Live Action.

Lila Rose’s organization posted a list of seven moms who either rejected abortion or courageously chose life in risky birth situations.

“Nailed it! With the help of their awesome moms, these awesome babies blew raspberries at death,” Live Action said.

It’s Buzzfeed list follows:

7. Even without Uterine Lining, Mom Delivers Her Baby Unscathed

Without a uterine lining, babies in the womb don’t have anything to grab onto. This makes their lives extremely dangerous from the get-go.

But Paula Rivett wasn’t having any of that; lining or not, she was going to fight for her baby. And little Lennon clearly takes after his mom: he latched onto a muscle in his mother’s womb and held tight until his birthday.

6. Opera Fans Should Applaud for Andrea Bocelli’s Mom

Opera Fans Should Applaud for Andrea Bocelli's Mom

Mom goes to the hospital. Told she should abort her baby because he’ll be born “disabled.” Mom says “no way”…and gives birth to Andrea Bocelli.

“Maybe I’m partisan,” Bocelli says (click for video), “but I can say that it was a right choice.” As we listen to his ethereal arias, we can’t help but agree.

5. How a Pair of Scissors Saved a Baby

How a Pair of Scissors Saved a Baby

Don’t run with scissors…but do stick them on the scale.

U.K. hospitals deem premature babies not worth saving if they’re below a pound. That policy would have been a death sentence for 13-ounce Maddalena Douse…except somebody left a pair of scissors on the scale when the docs weighed her.

4. Congresswoman Rejects Abortion, Advances Life-Saving New Medical Treatment

7 Mother-Baby Teams Who Handled Their Risky Births Like A Boss

A Potter’s Syndrome diagnosis usually means death for the baby in the womb, but Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler wouldn’t hear talk of abortion (notwithstanding some truly nasty comments from the scum of the internet).

Cut to July, and newborn Abigail Beutler is believed to be the first known survivor of Potter’s Syndrome. And now the “unproven” treatment docs used on Abigail can give hope to all the moms-to-be out there who face this tough diagnosis.

3. Mom of Quadruplets Backhands Doomsaying Doctors: “I’m Keeping All Four!”

Mom of Quadruplets Backhands Doomsaying Doctors: "I'm Keeping All Four!"

When docs saw four hearts beating on Emma Robbins’s ultrasound screen, they told her to do a “selective reduction” – creepy code for “kill a couple of your babies in the womb.” They told her again and again.

Emma’s response? Basically, “Heck with that!” Now she’s got four boys, as cute as you could ask for. Take that, Doctor Death.

2. Butt-Kicking Mom Fights Her Own Immune System to Defend Her Baby

7 Mother-Baby Teams Who Handled Their Risky Births Like A Boss

Blood might be thicker than water, but it’s got nothing on Pauline Condon’s maternal awesomeness. Thanks to a rare immune system condition, Pauline’s own body was attacking her baby’s blood.

The abortion center down the block would have told Pauline to “take care of it.” (Visa or Mastercard?) Instead, Pauline endured five intrauterine blood transfusions to save her baby’s life…and now little Shannon Condon is making the world that much cooler.

1. “I did what I was supposed to do. My baby is going to get here safe.”

"I did what I was supposed to do. My baby is going to get here safe."

Jenni Lake was diagnosed with a brain tumor at seventeen. Just a few weeks later, she discovered that she was pregnant. Doctors told her to terminate. (Click here for video.)

Jenni wouldn’t hear it. No radiation. No chemo. And no “clump of cells.” Little Chad, the hardest of the “hard cases,” was born on November 9, 2011.

Jenni died twelve days later.

Pro-abortion ABC News headlined its story this way: “Teen Gives Birth, Loses Cancer Fight.” But this heroic young woman didn’t lose. She accomplished what she’d set out to do: she saved her baby, no matter what it took.