Pro-Abortion NAACP President Resigns, Vows to Continue Progressive Agenda

Opinion   |   Ryan Bomberger   |   Sep 9, 2013   |   3:50PM   |   Washington, DC

NAACP President, Benjamin Jealous, has announced his resignation from the nation’s oldest civil rights organization—two years prior to his official contract expiration.

USA Today and CNN have, in typical mainstream media fashion, glowingly illuminated Jealous’ liberal accomplishments: inciting fear about voting rights, abolishing the death penalty, advocating for homosexuals to marry, deriding the U.S. as the prison capital of the world, and taking on “dirty” coal.  True.

The new “civil rights” movement has taken a drastic detour from the days when the NAACP was truly needed to fight for the advancement of “colored” people. (As a side note, we’re all a color, so civil rights should be for the advancement of all people.)

Jealous oversaw an organization that has demonized black conservatives and activists for decades. The NAACP has clearly veered away from its civil rights focus into becoming a Democrat advocacy group. Ironically, Jealous tells USA Today that: “The fact that civil rights has become a one-party affair is very dangerous to the cause of civil rights.”  These words ring hollow from a man whose public actions and words have attempted to instill fear and disdain for conservatism.

For instance, Jealous tries to rewrite history by decrying the dangers of voter ID laws. In a speech about voting rights, he claims recent Voter ID laws are “the worst attack on voting rights in 100 years.” He’s either completely ignorant of Jim Crow history or, more likely, desperately trying to recast a racist history that is largely owned by the Democrat party. Poll taxes and literacy tests were the stuff of the 20th century, not the 1800s, as he claimed. And who passed these egregious and racist laws that suppressed the majority of black votes? The Republicans? No. The Democrats. Yes. But that doesn’t fit the mainstream media and academic elite narrative.

Jealous has fought for “choice” in a myriad of social issues except where choice matters most. The organization he’s presided over has promoted abortion, denounced The Radiance Foundation’s ground-breaking billboards, invited Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards to speak at their annual conventions (collecting money, too, from the nation’s largest abortion chain as an annual corporate sponsor), filed lawsuits against any effort to reduce sex-selection and race-based abortions, and recently joined forces with radical pro-abortion groups to expand abortion under New York’s Women’s Equality Agenda.

The NAACP, with the exception of one known chapter in Minnesota, has fought vehemently against school choice for minority children trapped in failing schools. The Brown versus Board decision, which was a landmark Supreme Court case largely made possible by the NAACP, never envisioned black students being forced to remain in subpar public schools. These failing public schools epitomize inequality, but the NAACP is more interested in liberal group interests than in the interests of black parents who desperately want better educational opportunities for their children.

The NAACP and Jealous have aggressively campaigned against the constitutional choice to own a gun and defend oneself. Trayvon Martin’s tragic death was a sideshow of race-baiting and rallies featuring the predictable evangelists of victimhood. Jealous inserted himself into the epicenter of Trayvon’s blaxploitation deepening the racial divide in our country while completely ignoring the equally tragic black-on-black gun violence that happens every single day.

Jealous’ resignation leaves the NAACP in a redirected course ignoring those things that make every community, regardless of race, strong: valuing the most basic civil right (Life), protecting natural marriage (as defined Biblically), and pursuing true reconciliation (placing humanity about ethnicity). The new “civil rights” movement may have lots of corporate money and an obliging mainstream media, but it has many who are unafraid to call out any wrong done in the name of  “justice”.