Did You Know Abortion Clinics Are Closing Like Crazy?

Opinion   |   Cortney O'Brien   |   Sep 9, 2013   |   10:17AM   |   Washington, DC

At least 58 U.S. abortion clinics — almost 1 in 10 — have shut down or stopped providing the life-ending procedure since 2011.

The good news from Bloomberg.com:

The reporting by Bloomberg, coupled with data from Guttmacher, which surveys provide every few years, show that clinics have closed at a record pace since 2011. During the past three years, an average of 19 closed each year. That’s more than double the rate in the decade ending in 2008.

A wave of regulations that makes it too expensive or logistically impossible for facilities to remain in business drove at least a third of the closings. Demographic changes, declining demand, industry consolidation, doctor retirements and crackdowns on unfit providers were also behind the drop.

In addition to these factors, the article also cites contraceptive use, having increased dramatically since the Food and Drug Administration decided to allow it in 2000, as another reason for the abortion clinic decline.

This may be true, but I for one refuse to believe the “declining demand” for abortion clinics is merely due to facility regulations and contraception. Another likely reason women don’t need to make the trip to abortion clinics as much is because they are joyfully choosing to give their children life — no matter how inconvenient their situations. Improved technology spawned the use of ultrasounds, for instance, which have convinced 78 percent of mothers to give birth after seeing the miracles that are growing inside them.



Pro-choice advocates may lament this news, but us pro-lifers can celebrate the rapid loss of abortion facilities. Each clinic closed equals another baby (or babies) saved.

Let’s keep tearin’ down those signs!

LifeNews Note: Cortney O’Brien is a Townhall web editor, where this was originally published.