Planned Parenthood Violating FDA Protocol on Abortion Drug Putting Women at Risk

State   |   Alliance Defending Freedom   |   Sep 4, 2013   |   3:53PM   |   Concord, NH

Alliance Defending Freedom and the American Association of Pro-life Obstetricians and Gynecologists sent a letter Wednesday to the New Hampshire Boards of Medicine and Nursing supporting the investigation of Planned Parenthood of Northern New England and its unlawful distribution of abortion-inducing drugs.

Contrary to Food and Drug Administration protocols, Planned Parenthood distributes abortion-inducing drugs to women, oftentimes without requiring an in-person visit, up until two weeks beyond the prescribed 49 days from their last menstrual cycle.

“No matter where people stand on abortion, everyone should agree that Planned Parenthood must abide by established FDA protocols for using a potentially dangerous drug,” said Senior Counsel Michael Norton. “This includes requiring a licensed professional to personally meet with women and examining them before prescribing abortion-inducing drugs which pose serious health risks, and limiting the length of time it can be used.”

The Alliance Defending Freedom letter explains that it is “important to hold healthcare providers to appropriate standards of care for women in New Hampshire in connection with the provision of drugs which result in abortions.”



The letter also explains that if Planned Parenthood is administering abortion-inducing drugs “as late as either 63 gestation, this practice would also be inconsistent with approved FDA guidelines and appropriate standards of care.”

“Planned Parenthood’s main concern should be the health and safety of women, not its bottom line,” added Michael J. Tierney, one of nearly 2,300 allied attorneys with Alliance Defending Freedom. “Planned Parenthood must be accountable to basic health and medical standards. FDA protocols only provide for administering these drugs up to 49 days gestation but PPNNE has been distributing the drugs up to 63 days. We hope that the Boards of Medicine and Nursing will take appropriate action to protect maternal health and safety.”