Patent for Prenatal Monitors Confirms “Baby’s Existence” in Her Mother’s Womb

National   |   Guy McClung JD, PhD.   |   Sep 2, 2013   |   12:53PM   |   Washington, DC

In the film MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET, the honesty, authority, and veracity of the U.S. Federal Government are relied on to establish the existence of a man who claims to be Santa Claus. The U.S. Post Office receives his mail without returning it “addressee unknown” . . . and often answers his mail for him. This same U.S. Federal Government has today, in the real world, not the unreality of the movie world, published the many truths of the ProLife reality of preborn children and their families.

The U.S. Government, through its Patent & Trademark Office (“PTO”), publishes hundreds of thousands of patents. For an inventor to be granted a patent, the inventor must present the actual facts about the invention to the PTO; i.e., the inventor must tell the truth about the invention. A Registered Patent Attorney who assists the inventor must take a very difficult Patent Bar Exam and, having passed it, adhere to a strict Code of Ethics in practice before the PTO. A major part of that Code is that the attorney will present only actual true facts to the PTO in seeking an issued patent for an inventor.

Patents and Patent Applications that meet these strict requirements of the PTO are published by the Federal Government.

Today among these government publications one can find the truth of the ProLife message.

Mattel, Inc.’s U.S. Patent 6,766,145 – which asserts a “baby’s existence” in its mother’s womb-pretty well sums up the joy of pregnancy:

“During the time period when expectant parents await their baby, much anticipation and excitement exists at the prospect of having a newborn. A large part of this excitement is the realization that the baby is living and growing inside the mother’s womb. Consequently, expectant parents desire to hear evidence of their baby’s existence, most notably the baby’s beating heart and other movements. This greatly enhances the experience for the parents and allows them to feel closer to their child even before the mother gives birth. As a result, expectant parents may purchase devices that allow them to hear their unborn baby’s heartbeat. These prenatal monitors, as they are called, also typically allow expectant parents to hear other sounds generated by the unborn child including kicks and hiccups. Some of these devices also allow expectant parents to record these sounds, play music or educational recordings to the child, and allow the parents to send the sound of the parents’ voi ces to the child. This is typically done using equipment external from the monitor itself.”

United States Patent 7,405,233 discusses patient treatment methods and clearly states that, in one embodiment, “the patient is an unborn child.” United States Patent 7,341,844 mentions refers to “diagnosing a psychiatric condition…… in an unborn child” and “diagnosing autism in an unborn child.” United States Patent Published Application No. 20100251768 presents a description and drawings of unborn children from conception to birth and says:

“Pro-life supporters believe that human life should be valued either from conception and/or implantation until a person dies of natural causes.”

LifeNews Note: Guy McClung is a registered US Patent Attorney.