Video: Iowa Democrats, Candidates for Governor Pray for Abortion

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 29, 2013   |   11:22AM   |   Des Moines, IA

Every so often abortion activists cause a stir with prayers for abortion. The worst may have been when President Barack Obama asked God to bless the Planned Parenthood abortion business at the end of a speech this year.

Now, from Iowa comes this:

Iowa Democrat gubernatorial candidates join abortion activists in prayer for increased abortion access. “We pray for women who’ve been made afraid of their own power by their paternalistic religion.”

They pray for the “blessing of choice.”

This is truly sick.

From the prayer:

“We give thanks, oh Lord, for the doctors, both current and future, who provide quality abortion care.”

“We pray for increased financial support for low-income women to access contraception, abortion and childcare.”

“Today, we pray for women in developing nations, that they may know the power of self-determination. May they have access to employment, education, birth control and abortion.”

“Today we pray for the families who have chosen. May they know the blessing of choice.”

Iowa Democrat gubernatorial candidates Jack Hatch and Tyler Olson participated in the event.

They made the unusual decision, for Democrats, to begin the event with a prayer. This was likely in response to a prayer vigil being conducted by pro-life activists at the same time nearby.

Des Moines activist Midge Slater took the podium and spent five and a half minutes thanking God for abortion rights, abortion doctors and taxpayer funding for abortions. She also referred to the decision to have an abortion as “a blessing”.

During the entire prayer, State Senator Jack Hatch and Rep. Tyler Olson, both of whom are running for governor, kept their heads bowed and eyes closed, joining in the group prayer.