Why Are Some Democrats Increasingly Calling Abortions “Sacred?”

Opinion   |   Keith Riler   |   Aug 27, 2013   |   10:15AM   |   Washington, DC

My heart was warmed by the Rochas, young Hispanic parents of five who were interviewed about a Houston newborn abandoned behind a dumpster near their home.  About the abandoned and overexposed baby Mrs. Rocha said, “If I would have found him, I probably would have kept him.”  Commenting on the baby’s parents, she added, “God’s watching everything… it’s going to come back and haunt them.”

Voters like the Rochas must be saddened by the Democratic Party’s treatment of the little guy.  Consider Wendy Davis, rising Democrat star.  Ms. Davis is a Texas state senator, revered in some circles for her view that we should freely dismember defenseless children who have been in the womb for six months or more.

Davis recently enshrined what I had hoped was just one-off Pelosic lunacy.  Specifically, she praised late term abortions as “sacred;” joining Nancy Pelosi, who only weeks before referred to abortion as “sacred ground.”  Twice mentioned suggests “sacred” abortion is a narrative on its way to becoming an official plank in the platform.

Davis and Pelosi’s words were deliberately chosen; and the meaning of “sacred” is clear.  Merriam-Webster says sacred refers to being “set apart for the worship of a deity,” “worthy of religious veneration,” or “holy.”  Dictionary.com adds “consecrated” and “pertaining to religion.”

This should bother you, a lot.  It is the elevation to “holy” of what we were once assured was to be “safe, legal and rare” – a very provocative, pro-active and non-neutral move.  It is the proud revelation that Planned Parenthood’s stirrups and exam table is the sacrificial altar of the new liberal faith and its increasingly captive Democratic Party.

The “sacred” moniker gives lie to the purported neutrality, innocence and victimlessness of cultural libertinism and is a confession that destruction of the innocent is the far left sacrament.

And so Pelosi, Davis and the delegates to the 2012 Democratic National Convention join the ritualistic child-sacrificing ranks of the Incas, Aztecs, Ammonites, Carthaginians and modern Ugandans – all of whom elevated child murder not only to a good, but to a holy and sacred good.

In a ritual called capacocha, the Incas bludgeoned, strangled, poisoned and overexposed their little guys.  In sacrifices to their water gods, the Aztecs decapitated, bludgeoned, flayed, starved, burned and extracted the hearts of up to one-in-five of their children.  The Ammonites slaughtered and burned theirs, in homage to Molech.  The Carthaginians killed theirs using Tophets, or roasting places.  It was on these bronze statues that live and conscious babies were placed by their parents to be burned to death.

Finally, in the last few years hundreds of Ugandan children have been sacrificially slaughtered.  Wikipedia offers an explanation (and an unintended creepy parallel between the Ugandan murders and the typical Planned Parenthood pitch):

A study of the Ugandan context shows great disparity between the rich elite and the average Ugandan who struggles to make ends meet. It is almost impossible for someone born in a poor family to climb up on the social ladder. … It is in such an environment that the witch doctors thrive who promise desperate people a miraculous way to bridge the gap from have-not to have, from failure to success and from poverty to wealth.

The child sacrifice parallels are obvious; but not to be outdone by these primitive peoples, in America, we have sliced, stabbed, chemical burned, dismembered, vacuumed and flushed over 55 million of our little guys to death.  Sometimes we even behead them, pickle their feet and keep them as trophies.  These are the “sacred” abortions, offered in homage to the god of loveless autonomy and sexual freedom.

It is on Davis and Pelosi’s “sacred ground” that the Roman sex cult has joined the socioeconomically-misguided Ugandan witch doctor – we are to fornicate freely and kill any unbudgeted children (something most children are).  And finally these priestesses have confessed the sacramental nature of the act they love.

Perhaps the horror of Gosnell and the subsequent movement to establish 20-week bans have forced the confession.  After all, if there is any possibility of fetal pain, justice and mercy clearly require the bans.  And with post-20 week abortions being such a small percentage of total abortions, the practical effects of the bans should be immaterial to abortion providers.  The logical 20-week ban has stripped Pelosi and Davis of their false cover, leaving only the demand that all abortions simply must be “sacred.”  When these radicals insist the public square be void of religious conviction, they apparently mean only the old and longstanding religions that ban baby killing.

When, in our landfills, the archaeologists of the future find the remains of some of our 55 million children, they will liken the slaughter to those of the past.  Our having chanted cultic mantras such as “pro-choice,” “war on women,” “cancer screening” and “healthcare” will not differentiate us from those peoples we vainly consider primitive.  It will strengthen the ritualistic parallels because the pure innocence of the victims will again be so blatantly obvious.

We should appreciate the honesty, but what each of us does with this information determines if we are actually good. We can pretend Pelosi and Davis didn’t mean what they said; or we can let ourselves be interrogated by the facts and bear witness. If we refuse to think, we are consenting to ritualistic child murder just like the Incas, Aztecs, Ammonites, Carthaginians and Ugandans before.  If we bear witness and choose our leaders carefully, we are virtuous like Mr. and Mrs. Rocha.

This is not a pitch for the Republican Party; it is a challenge to Christian, Hispanic and moderate Democrats to choose leaders who don’t worship abortion, to broaden your party’s sense of the common good so that it includes our most vulnerable and to love the little guy again by insisting that he or she not be ideological cannon fodder on the altars of abortion.



The parable of the Good Samaritan is applicable and there are certainly many good Democrats.  With the appalling invocation of “sacred” abortion by some in your party, isn’t it time you stood up, brought your party back across the road and tended to your little neighbor?

Romano Guardini said, “It is necessary for us to pay our due to reality, to recognize the real seriousness of evil and corruption.” And Mrs. Rocha said, “If I would have found him, I probably would have kept him…. God’s watching everything.”  Aren’t there Democrats who share the Rocha’s loving convictions and have the will to implement them?

LifeNews Note: Keith Riler is a financial analyst who has written for the American Thinker, Faith magazine, Texas Right to Life, and LifeNews.