Mother Awakens From Coma Pregnant, Rejects Abortion to Birth Miracle Baby

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 27, 2013   |   1:40PM   |   London, England

Gemma Holmes was driving her scooter last year when the 26-year-old hit a parked car and sustained such significant injuries that she went into a coma. After almost dying from the accident, Holmes awakened three months later and doctors informed her she was four months pregnant.

Holmes suffered from amnesia and couldn’t remember the last three years of her life — including the identity of the father. However, she rejected the abortion advice from physicians and gave birth anyway.

In fact, doctors suggested destroying Holmes’ unborn baby while she still lay unconscious in the coma, but her mother protected her grandchild and told them to wait until Holmes could make a decision.

The London Daily Mail has more on this fascinating story:

While in hospital, tests revealed that Gemma was in fact 12 weeks pregnant.

Ms Holmes was in a coma and unable to be told the news, so doctors turned to her mother, Julie, to make the decision about whether the baby should be kept or terminated.

‘Doctors suggested a termination because Gemma would not be able to undergo surgery to fix her back until she gave birth.

‘So many things went through my head but I wanted to wait until Gemma was awake to make the decision,’ Julie, who has taken on the role of Gemma’s full time carer while she is confined to a wheelchair, told ITV’s This Morning.

When Gemma eventually awoke she was given the news, but she had no recollection having been in a relationship because she had developed severe memory loss.

The previous three years were entirely blank.

Despite her grave health problems, she made the decision to keep the baby.

‘I just thought that if this little baby inside me had managed to survive the awful crash then he was meant to be,’ said Gemma.

Gemma endured considerable pain during the pregnancy as she was unable to take high doses of painkillers, which can harm an unborn baby, while she recovered.

In May this year she gave birth to Ruben Miracle Holmes by caesarian section.