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Pro-Choice Man Pleads Guilty in Case of Swerving Car at Pro-Lifer

Aurora, IL | 8/27/13 7:10 PM

Last week the trial of Naperville, Illinois resident Michael Fabian (right) concluded with a guilty plea to a charge of “improper lane usage.”

Abortion Activists Falsely Claim Babies Don’t Survive Abortions

Washington, DC | 8/27/13 6:49 PM

Press Laments Loss of Panda Cub, Ignores Loss of 1.2 Million Human Babies

Washington, DC | 8/27/13 6:17 PM

Scientists, zoo officials and panda fans everywhere sat on the edges of their seats last week to watch the drama of a panda birth unfold at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C.

Women More Likely Than Men to Say Abortion is Immoral

Washington, DC | 8/27/13 5:55 PM

Abortion Facts: Eight Facts Most People Don’t Know About How Abortion Hurts Women

London, England | 8/27/13 5:15 PM

Contrary to popular opinion abortion hurts women.

Belgium: 95 Percent of Euthanasia Requests Get Rubber Stamp OK by Doctors

Brussels, Belgium | 8/27/13 4:41 PM

Ohio College Sued for Subjecting Pro-Life Students to “Free Speech Zones”

Columbus, OH | 8/27/13 4:20 PM

Alliance Defending Freedom filed a lawsuit Monday on behalf of a student prohibited from distributing pro-life fliers anywhere on campus except a small “speech zone.”

Woman Gives Birth From Human Embryo Frozen for 19 Years

Richmond, VA | 8/27/13 3:53 PM

NARAL Writing Contest: “No Harassment of Any Group” Except the Unborn

Washington, DC | 8/27/13 3:22 PM

Washingotn, DC (LiveActionNews) — Once upon a time abortion was a secret, an act that didn’t promote glory or pride; few celebrated killing a baby even when they thought somehow it was the right choice But as the pages of history turn we see abortion glorified as a subject of personal victory.

Let’s Use Our Pro-Life Values to Provide Help for Post-Partum Women

Washington, DC | 8/27/13 3:08 PM

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