Media Shows Pictures of Dead People in Syria But Not of Babies Killed in Abortion

Opinion   |   Kristi Burton Brown   |   Aug 23, 2013   |   12:40PM   |   Washington, DC

WARNING: This article contains a VERY graphic abortion image after the jump….

When was the last time you saw photos of dead children in the media?

For me, it was this morning. I pulled up an article and saw the horrific pictures coming out of Syria. While the facts are still coming out, what’s apparent is that way too many children were mercilessly killed – almost certainly by nerve gas. One minute, asleep in their warm beds, full of life and beautiful potential. The next minute, dead, just dead.

The U.K.’s Daily Mail explained its decision to print the graphic photos of death:

While these pictures of dead children are graphic, disturbing and undoubtedly the worst so far to have emerged from the conflict, MailOnline has made the decision to publish them in order to raise awareness of the plight of innocent people in a war that shows no sign of ending.

A main article on CNN includes raw footage of Syria’s dead children. The article quotes a man, livid at the violent carnage of a civil war that seems to never end:

A man behind them, crazy with anger, shouts, ‘Stop lying to us! Stop lying! Where did all these children go? Where is this regime … that is killing us?’

NBC also clearly displays a photo of a man cradling a dead child as well as a video showing innocent children struggling for their lives. Indeed, the media is thoroughly covering the disastrous violation of human rights in Syria. They are openly demonstrating what it looks like when the basic right to life is ignored and trampled upon.

Why, then, the basic failure by the media to show what real abortion is? Abortion is just as real as the deaths in the Syrian conflict. It is tragic, horrific, and a daily violation of basic human rights here in the United States – as well as around the world.


Pictures of babies who have suffered through abortions are “graphic, disturbing” images. But they, too, would serve to “raise awareness of the plight of innocent people in a war that shows no sign of ending.”

While the Daily Mail did an excellent job covering the Kermit Gosnell trial, it shied away from consistently showing the true images of Gosnell’s crimes. Where, in the stream of descriptive articles, were the photos of the babies whose necks were snipped? That would have awakened many to the harsh realities of the abortion industry. If Britain is the “abortion capital of Europe,” where are the photos showing what real abortion is?

And, for those who take issue with the terms, abortion is indeed a war on the unborn. How else can the massacre of 1.2 million children every year (in the U.S. alone) be described? If over 3,000 innocent children were being killed in any other manner every day in America, the media would do its part to end the war on children.

And so we must call on the media to speak the truth and to show the truth on abortion. Planned Parenthood – and the rest of the abortion industry – is a “regime that is killing us,” one child at a time. Innocent children struggle for their lives every single day in their mothers’ wombs. The media must be the voice of the silent, the downtrodden, the oppressed. They must speak out for those who cannot tell their stories to the world.



Every American ought to be exposed – day after day – to the harsh reality that is abortion. And we must call on the media to do its job. It’s time to tell – and show – the truth about abortion.

A real photo of a real D&E abortion victim

A real photo of a real D&E abortion victim.

Note: You can read an accurate description of a D&E abortion here, from the words of a doctor who performed many abortions. D&E abortions are commonly used in the second trimester of pregnancy (after 12-13 weeks). You can watch a video of a real abortion here. And then you can never say you didn’t know…

LifeNews Note:  Kristi Burton Brown is a pro-life activist in her home state of Colorado, a pro-bono attorney for Life Legal Defense Fund, and a stay-at-home mom. This column originally appeared at Live Action News and is reprinted with permission.