NYC Mayoral Candidate Christine Quinn Wants Morning After Pill for 11-Year-Olds

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 21, 2013   |   11:10AM   |   New York, NY

New York City mayoral candidate Christine Quinn is a long-time abortion advocate. She has a history of promoting abortion, attacking pregnancy centers offering women alternatives, and she has received Planned Parenthood’s endorsement in the mayoral campaign.

But Quinn is now pushing one idea that may take the cake when it comes to her extremism:  she wants girls as young as 11 to get the morning after pill.

The Washington Times has more:

New York mayoral candidate Christine Quinn, who is speaker of the City Council, said one of her political platforms is perhaps opening the door for middle school girls to receive morning-after contraception, known in some circles as the abortion pill.

Yes, doing so “can make some people uncomfortable,” she said, as the New York Post reported. But, she added, “this is a really important option we need to make accessible.”

That means some girls as young as age 11 could have access to the pill. Ms. Quinn, who faces off against former Rep. Anthony Weiner in the Democratic mayoral primary — made the comments after receiving an endorsement from the Planned Parenthood of New York City Political Committee.

“We need to recognize the reality of what’s happening in children’s lives and give them what they need to make the right choices and protect themselves,” she said, as the Post reported.

Ms. Quinn previously stated support for making available the Plan B pills to high school girls in a pilot in-school distribution program started by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s administration in 2012. Expanding that program to middle school girls is the next step, she said.

“I think that it may become a reality,” she said in the Post article. “If that is what the data shows us would be most helpful, that is what we’ll do.”

Quinn was one of the members of the city council behind the measure to silence pregnancy centers that provide help for women seeking alternatives to abortion.

The New York city council passed a bill that would place stringent limits on the advertising pregnancy centers use and require them to post signs designed to dissuade women from seeking their abortion alternatives services. Quinn, the City Council speaker, and Councilwoman Jessica Lappin were behind the proposed ordinance.

Christopher Slattery of Expectant Mother Care-EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Centers worked overtime to put public pressure on the council members to vote against the pro-abortion ordinance.



“This is it. The moment we feared most, and tried to prevent,” he told at the time. “This coming Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011 is the final vote by the full NYC City Council on Bill #371 which will regulate the advertising, signage, and the speech with clients of all the individual crisis pregnancy center groups in the five boroughs.”

“If City Council leader Christine Quinn succeeds in passing Bill #371, it will be devastating,” he said.

Quinn’s bill was so bad it was eventually struck down in court.