Baby With Deadly Brain Aneurysm Doing Better After Doctor Saved Life With Superglue

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 21, 2013   |   3:00PM   |   Kansas City, MO

The baby whose live was saved after a physician used superglue to save her is doing well.

Back in June, LifeNews reported on how an innovative doctor was able to save the life of a 20-day-old girl with a deadly aneurysm thanks to a usage of surgical superglue the manufacturer probably never expected.

Ashlyn Julian was born May 16. The girl began crying and screaming and spitting up constantly, and mother Gina Julian rushed her to Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Kan., the Daily Mail reported.

Doctors found an almond-sized aneurysm in her brain — a very rare diagnosis for infants. And they were stumped on the treatment. There were no tools designed to remove it or treat the aneurysm in patients so small. So Dr. Koji Ebersole, an endovascular neurosurgeon, took a chance: He decided to close the aneurysm with surgical superglue. He took a tiny, hair-thin catheter and entered through the baby’s neck to deposit the glue on the area of treatment on the brain.

Now, a local news report from Kansas City shows Ashlyn is doing well in the months since:

Ashlyn Jane Julian visited with Dr. Koji Ebersole at the University of Kansas Hospital, their first time together since Ebersole saved her in June.

Ebersole used a microcatheter and microwire to deliver a drop of medical superglue to seal an aneurysm that was causing the bleeding.

“She looks fantastic,” Ebersole said. “You forget all those things we went through to save her life.”

There have been only 17 cases of infants Ashlyn’s age suffering a brain bleed since 1949. Her surgery in June was the first time superglue was used to repair an aneurysm in a baby that young.

“She’s absolutely normal,” said Ashlyn’s mother, Gina Julian. “If you didn’t know that she had the procedure, you would never know.  She does everything on task that she’s supposed to do.”

“You would never figure right now the way she is,” said her father, Jared Julian. “We are blessed because of it.”