Late-Term Abortion Clinic Falsely Uses Kate Hudson’s Image in $100 Coupon

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 20, 2013   |   12:37PM   |   Orlando, FL

No, actress Kate Hudson is not endorsing a late-term abortion business in Orlando, Florida.

The Orlando, Florida abortion clinic that made national headlines for giving away coupons to poor women in a crisis pregnancy so they can save money on their abortions is taking its scheme even further. The Orlando Women’s Clinic became the subject of criticism for offering a coupon for saving $50 on abortions on “Sundays only.” Now, the abortion business has posted a video advertisement on YouTube with a coupon for $100 off of abortions.

The video contains images of women who appear to endorse the abortion clinic and Kate Hudson’s image appears among them. However, her representative tells a Florida media outlet she did not consent for her image to be used.

In an email to Local 6, Hudson’s publicist said the actress did not approve the commercial.

“I can confirm that this use is unauthorized and we had no knowledge of it,” said Brad Cafarelli, Hudson’s rep.

Dr. James Pendergraft is the owner of the abortion clinic behind the ad. He would not comment on camera about the commercial, but told Local 6 the video was not supposed to include any celebrities.

Dr. Pendergraft is no stranger to the spotlight. In June, Local 6 was there when collection agents seized examination tables and other office equipment after he failed to pay a $36 million legal judgment.

A patient successfully sued the doctor over a botched abortion when her child survived the procedure, but was born with severe disabilities.

Dr. Pendergraft’s license has also been suspended by the state several times, including for performing illegal abortions, but with the help of other doctors, he still runs five clinics in Central and South Florida.

As for this latest controversy, Dr. Pendergraft said he knew the commercial was in production, but never saw the final product and he’ll ask to have Hudson’s picture removed.

The abortion clinic is owned and operated by James Scott Pendergraft, who has a long history of botching abortions and violating the law and his clinic reopened this summer after police initially raided it and shut it down.

In 2011, Pendergraft was hit with a whopping civil medical malpractice judgment of $36,737,660.16 in compensatory and punitive damages in a case involving a botched 20 week abortion that resulted in the live birth of a child physically damaged by Pendergraft’s incompetent abortion process amid what was described as “third world conditions” with virtually no counseling. He has refused to pay the judgment.

In April, the Florida Board of Medicine took action to suspend the medical license of the late-term abortionist  after he failed to pay the Board fines from a previous disciplinary action that totaled over $120,000.

The settlement agreement reached between the Board and Pendergraft orders that his medical license “shall be indefinitely suspended until such time as [Pendergraft] complies” with the order to pay his fines.

This is the fifth time that Pendergraft’s medical license has been suspended by the Florida Board of Medicine. He continues to operate five abortion clinics in Florida, primarily in the Orlando area.

The fines resulted from a 2010 case where Pendergraft was heavily fined and placed on suspension related to a 2006 botched elective 19-week abortion.



Patient S.B went to Pendergraft for the second trimester abortion on Feb. 3, 2006. He prescribed doses of Cytotec, a drug that is known to cause severe and unpredictable uterine contractions and sent her home for three days to take the medication on her own. Pendergraft did not have a valid DEA number at the time.

When S.B. returned to the clinic, he further illegally administered doses of Cytotec, Demerol, and Phenergan. He attempted the abortion before the patient was adequately dilated, lacerating her cervix and sending her to the hospital where she underwent an emergency hysterectomy.

At the hospital, staff delivered the remains of S.B.’s baby and found that it was missing a lower limb. Efforts were made to locate the limb in the abdominal cavity to no avail. There were no indications on the patient’s chart. Later, it was discovered that the limb had been removed at the clinic. This lack of documentation caused issues in providing the patient with proper emergency care.

Pendergraft was suspended and ordered to pay fines in excess of $122,000. Pendergraft failed to pay, resulting in another disciplinary case attempting to seek payment.