Cute Baby Takes on Vacuum Cleaner in New Samsung Commercial

National   |   Lauren Enriquez   |   Aug 20, 2013   |   10:41AM   |   Washington, DC

Pro-lifers: We love all things baby. Unborn babies, premature babies, full-term babies… babies who have Down syndrome or anencephaly, and big fat healthy babies.

We also love vacuum-chasing-sheriff-babies, like the one in this advertisement from Samsung.

The content little pudge is just chilling in his walker, when along comes a vacuum traveling just slightly slower than the speed of light. Intrigued, the onesie-clad babe takes on a law-enforcement persona and chases the vacuum around the house.

After many close-calls with corners and a near collision with the family dog, the baby in hot pursuit spins out of control into a wall of bean bags and stuffed animals.

Mom, who’s finished vacuuming without breaking a sweat (of course) picks up the giggling baby as the frame accommodates the Samsung vacuum tagline: Easy to move. Hard to catch.

In a world where one out of three babies won’t have the opportunity to star in an advertisement like this because their lives will be cut short by abortion before they ever see the light of day, pro-lifers are encouraged by baby-sporting advertisements like Samsung’s.



Anything mainstream media does to portray babies in a positive light ultimately helps the cause, shifting mass attention from the negativity that leads women to believe babies are too heavy a burden to bear and reminding the world at large that the goodness of babies so far outweighs the difficulties that often accompany their birth.

Kudos to Samsung, Huggies, Publix, and all of the corporations who have – wittingly or not – contributed to the positive baby outlook that America and the world so desperately need.