Planned Parenthood Tweets Article Supporting Using Women for Sex

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 13, 2013   |   1:41PM   |   Washington, DC

The Planned Parenthood abortion business supports the so-called “BroChoice” campaign and its notion that supporting abortion is a good thing for men to do because it allows them to get out of the responsibility of becoming a parent by pressuring their partner to have an abortion.

The campaign essentially says it’s alright to use women for sex because they can always get an abortion if they get knocked up.

Rollie Williams, who calls himself a comedian, writer, and biochemist on the website Upworthy, says Oregon is the best state in the nation to have sex in because it’s laws are the most pro-abortion. That’s what he says in a piece titled, “Why Oregon Just Became The Best State To Have Sex In” under the headline “Women.”

“Oregon is the only state that has completely closed its borders to abortion restrictions. Pretty cool, Oregon,” he says.

In other words, Oregon is a great place to have sex because it’s the easiest to pressure a woman get an abortion.

Planned Parenthood tweeted out the article today on Twitter:


Of course, the abortion business waited until Williams was already caught red-handed by LifeNews and other pro-lifers and shamed on Twitter to the point of being forced to reword his article to edit out the emphasis on exploiting women for sex and abortions.

Now the column is headlined, “Why Oklahoma Is At The Top Of Our Sh%t List” and contains supposedly pro-woman language about how abortion limits makes abortions more dangerous for women. But the Bro-Choicer forgets that the Internet always remembers what’s been done before.

A Google search for his original title yields both the title and a cached version of the page as it appeared before. Oops:








Interestingly, Planned Parenthood used the original text from the article that Rollie tried to hide. Clearly the abortion giant has no issues with Rollie and is buddies bringing in girls they’ve knocked up and are asking to get abortions to get them out of their manly responsibilities.

Don’t worry Rollie, your friends at Planned Parenthood are still there for you to take your partner to for an abortion after you get her knocked up. But will you be there to pay the bills when she’s injured by the abortion and Planned Parenthood has to send her to the hospital?