Gianna’s Story: Abortion Survivor Was Told She Would “Never Be Anything”

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 13, 2013   |   4:02PM   |   Washington, DC

To those who follow abortion issues closely, the name Gianna Jessen is familiar. Over the years she has been a tremendous speaker about the value of life.

As a survivor of abortion, Gianna knows what she is talking about — and her personal story is one that has inspired countless people and opened the eyes of many to how abortion involves the destruction of human life and isn’t something that just happens to a bunch of cells.

One pro-life blog hopes people will continue to keep Gianna’s story in mind as they consider the difficult subject of abortion and hopes they will watch a video from 2008, where Gianna makes a passionate plea to the people of Victoria, Australia as she talks about our own experience as someone who survived a saline abortion:

Gianna speaks about how she started suffering from cerebral palsy as a result of being starved of oxygen while she fought to stay alive in her mother’s womb. She now, however, sees this condition as a gift and asks: “if abortion is about women’s rights, then what were mine? There was not a radical feminist standing up and yelling about how my rights were being violated that day; in fact, my life was being snuffed out in the name of women’s rights.”

Despite her adopted mother being told by doctors that Gianna “will never be anything” she is now able to walk and live a perfectly normal, healthy life.

Gianna, who has met and forgiven her biological mother, also tackles the lack of comfort some people may feel about talking about God and Jesus saying “He is the Creator, He gave me life!”

It is a very passionate speech and is worth viewing, whatever your stance on abortion. Please check out the youtube links, below, which contain both parts of Gianna’s speech.