Families Who Reject Abortion Remember God Still Holds the Reins

Opinion   |   Ellie Saul   |   Aug 12, 2013   |   3:12PM   |   Washington, DC

Recently we rejoiced with Congresswoman Jamie Herrera Beutler in the birth of her daughter, Abigail Rose. Doctors gave them a bad report and even recommended abortion because of a kidney condition diagnosed in the womb. As a believer, she refused abortion and chose to trust God for a miracle that she received.

I am elated that her sweet girl was named Abigail because it means, “the source of my father’s joy.” Abigail Rose’s story echoes the story of Abigail in the bible. It is a story of winning favor with a king and doing what was right despite intense pressure from every side. I pray one day she marries a true prince in the kingdom of God and has a life filled with the favor of God and the favor of man.

I recently heard a beautiful teaching on Psalm 139, naturally a pro-life favorite. The teaching emphasized the value of every human life and refueled a flame in me to pray fervently for every life to have the chance to live and to fullfil the story that God writes for them. God has a plan and a purpose for every one of us. We were not random, non-specific, coincidental formations of matter. We are detailed, specific, intricately woven, amazing creatures with brilliant, significant roles played in a story written by God Himself. We all matter! There are things that you were born to do that no one else can do the way God specifically created you to do!

A dear friend of mine, Zachary, was at the same meeting. His heart leapt at Psalm 139: 13, “For thou hast possessed my reins: thou hast covered me in my mother’s womb.” Reins in this verse is literally translated as “kidneys.” This is relevant to my friend because when he was in his mother’s womb, the doctors gave her the bad report that he was missing vital organs and probably would not survive. The organs he was missing were kidneys. His mother and father prayed and believed that the same God who formed the universe could form kidneys in their son. They chose to pray and believe for life. God answered their prayer and gave Zachary kidneys. God’s hand was literally on him in his mother’s womb, forming kidneys that did not yet even exist. Now Zachary’s own wife has given birth to their first child.

Zachary’s mother has continued to pray fervently for others who receive bad reports, and I have even been able  to share the news when the baby was healed in the womb in the power of her prayers. Zachary and his mother remind us that God’s hand and creative power is literally upon every life in the womb. He has the final say and His plan is always good.

In a world filled with bad reports, and eager mouths to share the convincing “truth” that kidneys are failing, diseased, and even missing, it can be easy to forget that God still possesses the reins. Please pray with me for every mother believing for a miracle to triumph over a bad report! Please pray with me for every mother who is weakened by the persistence of evil reports that she gets supernaturally encouraged by God, and that she will be surrounded by those who will speak life over her and her womb.



To every mother who is fighting the words of a bad report over your child, please cling to the truth of the hope of the One who holds the reins. If you need prayer, please contact me. I know mothers who have victory in this area and I know children personally whom doctors said would never live. They laugh and cry and live and breathe and play their part in the story God writes about them.

It’s in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for. Long before we first heard of Christ and got our hopes up, He had his eye on us, had designs on us for glorious living, part of the overall purpose He is working out in everything and everyone. Ephesians 1:11-12 (MSG)

LifeNews Note: Ellie Saul lives in quaint Jasper, AL with her husband Andrew. They are passionate lovers of Jesus and live to share His word and love with anyone they meet. Reprinted with permission from the Bound4Life blog.