Abortion Clinic Sends Coupons to Low-Income Women, Save $50 on Sundays

State   |   Rachel Burgin   |   Aug 9, 2013   |   1:34PM   |   Orlando, FL

An abortion center that’s open seven days a week in Florida is giving away coupons to poor women in a crisis pregnancy so they can save money on their abortions!













Florida Right to Life investigated this “open on Sundays” abortion center and learned that one of the doctors at this location is the notorious Dr. James Scott Pendergraft.

You’ve no doubt heard about him before. We call him Florida’s Dr. Gosnell who lost his medical license five times in Florida!

In 2011, he was hit with a judgment of $36,737,660.16 in damages after he botched a 20-week abortion that resulted in a baby who survived his abortion procedure but was severely damaged.



The conditions of his abortion center, like Gosnell’s in Philadelphia, has been described as “third-world” and it routinely does not counsel women who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy.

When an abortion clinic can be so bold to offer coupons to vulnerable women, something is terribly wrong! Unfortunately, Pendergraft is not alone. He also operates in five abortion centers throughout Florida.

LifeNews Note: Rachel Burgin is the Executive Director of Florida Right to Life.