How Can You Ensure a Child’s Health if You Allow Abortion?

Opinion   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 8, 2013   |   12:38PM   |   Columbus, OH

The following is a poignient letter to the editor Katie McCann, Public Relations Manager for Ohio Right to Life, submitted to the Athens Newspaper. She makes great points.

As a pro-life Ohioan, I was encouraged by your Aug. 5 article, “State Health Department Head to Hold Town Meeting,” which argued that improving the health of Ohio residents must be a priority.

In the ongoing discussions about Ohio’s infant mortality rate, one theme that emerges is the idea of health as a continuum: the idea that the health of parents impacts the health of their children – and that we can’t simply decide to focus on a child’s health at the moment of delivery.

At the very least, we have to focus on a child’s health from the moment of conception.

It’s a simple truth, but can we really ensure that every child’s health is maintained from the moment of conception, with the abortion culture being accepted in so many corners of our state?

How can we as a state discourage pregnant women from smoking and flooding their bodies with chemicals that harm their babies while simultaneously telling women that taking RU-486, a chemical abortion that deliberately kills the baby, advances “women’s rights and health”?



Why protect children from the harms of smoking, but not from the immediate and deliberate death that results from abortion?

They are contradictory messages that should not be able to coexist.

The truth is that we cannot fully ensure a child’s health in the womb or outside of it if we give credence to the notion that smoking while pregnant is unacceptable, whereas aborting while pregnant is acceptable.