Man Tries to Sell His Girlfriend’s Asthmatic Baby for $100 on CraigsList

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 6, 2013   |   5:04PM   |   Washington, DC

Years ago, pro-life people passed around a popular flier that asked the rhetorical question: How much is a human life worth? The answer, of course, is that one can’t affix a price on the value of the life of a human being.

But one man, who was caught attempting to sell his lover’s baby on CraigsList, thinks the price of the life of a child should be about a hundred bucks. Worse, the baby suffers from asthama and that was part of the reason he desired to sell her.

From The Blaze:

File this one under “unbelievable.” A Staten Island, New York, man was arrested last week after allegedly posting ads to sell his girlfriend’s (or potential love interest — we’re unsure) baby on CraigsList. Yes, really.

Paul Marquez, 22, purportedly posted a photo of the baby in a section of the site called “baby+kids.” He explained that the child loves to play, but that she is getting on his nerves. He essentially offered her up, according to accounts of what unfolded, to anyone who would want to take her off his hands.

“Heyy I have a 2 month old baby name [redacted] she loves to play nd have her little fun but there is only 1 problem, the doctor said that she has asthma nd if she turns a certain way she can stop breathing, she’s really getting on my nerves nd I don’t want her Please email me,” he allegedly wrote (spelling kept intact).



CraigsList users decided to flag the ad, Gawker reports, and it was subsequently taken down. But that apparently didn’t stop Marquez, who is said to have posted a second ad. This latter offer of the infant led the NYPD to investigate and the posts were inevitably traced to the man’s apartment.