Chinese Woman Kidnapped and Forced Have Abortion at Seven Months

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 6, 2013   |   4:08PM   |   Washington, DC

Although some questionable news reports claim China is reforming its one-child, forced abortion policy, women continue to be forced to have abortions.

Gong Qifeng was kidnapped and forced at seven months of pregnancy to have an abortion, according to new news reports, and she may have developed a mental disorder as a result of the trauma associated with it. The forced abortion occurred in Lianyuan City in central China’s Hunan Province.

From the report:

Wu and Gong, Anping Town natives, already had a son before Gong became pregnant again and they did not qualify for a second baby under China’s family planning policy.

Wu said his wife disappeared on a November afternoon in 2011 and he made every effort to find her, only to be told she was in Lianyuan TCM Hospital.

When Wu arrived at the hospital, Gong had been given an injection to induce an abortion.

Li Yinying, head nurse in the obstetrics department, confirmed that Gong had been forcibly escorted to hospital. Wu said Gong told him she hadn’t signed any agreement for medical treatment.



Wu Yongqin, the department’s deputy director, said a government official helped to sign Gong’s name as well as his own, Xiao Xiaochao, on the form.

After the injection, Gong was in extreme pain and doctors were unable to do anything to help. After suffering for 30 hours, the 35-centimeter dead fetus was delivered. The couple was banned from touching the child and a nurse assisant buried it on a nearby hilltop, where many other dead infants were buried.

Documents from the Lianyuan family planning service station proved that Gong had been taken there before being driven to the hospital.