Dangerous Abortions: Planned Parenthood in West Virginia Opposes Protecting Women

State   |   Nathan Cherry   |   Aug 4, 2013   |   8:04PM   |   Charleston, WV

It seems our efforts to shine the light on the abortion industry in West Virginia has not been well received by those in the spotlight.

Our goal is to protect women and children from the harms of abortion. Sure, we’d like nothing more than to see abortion ended in this “wild, wonderful” state of ours. But as long as it is legal, we want to make sure women are protected and given the best medical care possible. Oddly, the abortion industry thinks such reasonable standards are unnecessary.

It all started when Tia Gravely filed a lawsuit against the largest abortion clinic in West Virginia for medical malpractice. Tia went to the state’s largest abortion clinic, but decided before the abortionist had taken her baby, she told him to stop due to the excruciating pain she was feeling. Her instructions were ignored and she was physically forced to endure the procedure. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Tia had to go to the hospital the next day where it was discovered the doctor, Rodney Lee Stephens, left the baby’s skull inside her womb.

After she filed a medical malpractice lawsuit and the allegations were made public, state Attorney General Patrick Morrisey noticed a problem: there are no health and safety regulations of West Virginia’s abortion industry…So AG Morrisey started his own investigation of the abortion industry, to the hue and cry of those being investigated.

To his credit, AG Morrisey has not backed down and is now calling for public comments on the state of the abortion industry in West Virginia and whether or not it should be regulated like other surgical facilities. Is it that unreasonable to require surgical abortion facilities to be held to reasonable health and safety standards – like tattoo parlors and veterinary clinics in West Virginia must?

Now, West Virginia’s attorney general is asking for your input.  He wants to know what future health and safety regulations of the abortion industry in this state should look like.  And that means that pro-life people need to be heard by AG Morrisey.  Let him know that we expect our government to protect the health and safety of our sister’s and daughters. You can do two things right now to make a major contribution to this effort:

  1. Send an email to AG Morrisey at [email protected] and let him know you support life and want to see women protected and given the highest quality care.
  2. Text “familywv” to 69302 and learn more about our Illuminate campaign and the effort to see common sense regulations put in place.

The West Virginia legislative and political arm of the abortion industry in West Virginia, WV FREE, does not think it is necessary to enact any regulations. They do not believe holding abortion clinics to the same medical standard as other surgical facilities is needed. Or that requiring doctors to have admitting privileges to nearby hospitals in case something goes wrong is wise. Or that requiring a facility funded by your tax dollars be inspected by state officials at least once a year is needed.

It’s hard to fathom their opposition when not a single state regulator has stepped foot in the abortion clinics of this state since they opened in 1976!  And during that same period, they have received millions in taxpayer dollars to ply their trade. West Virginians have a right to expect that – at minimum – the abortion industry will give a proper accounting of what it does with these hard-earned taxpayer dollars.



We are simply trying to bring the hidden work of the abortion industry in West Virginia into the light; that is what the Illuminate Campaign is all about. We are not content to allow women to risk being harmed by an unregulated abortion industry.

One more thing you can do to help is mark your calendar for Sunday, October 6th. We are calling it “Illuminate Sunday” and churches across the state will be taking a few moments on that Sunday to remember the victims of abortion in West Virginia. We’re working with pastors across the state to provide resources to help them remember the children lost to this heinous practice and pray for the women who have been harmed.

Allowing the abortion industry to continue to be unregulated will only produce more stories like Tia’s and those that came out of Kermit Gosnell’s clinic. West Virginians would never stand for an unregulated coal industry, should we not likewise demand that the abortion industry be held accountable through common sense measures that will protect the health and safety of the women of this state?

LifeNews Note: Nathan Cherry is the Director of Operations for The Family Policy Council of West Virginia.