Tell the West Virginia Attorney General: Inspect and Close Abortion Clinics

State   |   Wanda Franz   |   Aug 1, 2013   |   10:25AM   |   Charleston, WV

Attorney General Morrisey has initiated an effort that requires the help of all of us. He believes that the women of West Virginia deserve to be protected by state regulation and inspection of abortion clinics. He has called for public comment on this issue, and he needs to hear from the pro-life majority in the state.

While we might occasionally feel that we have no influence on the pro-life policy of the state, now is a time that we really can make a difference. The politicians of our state need to know that we are here and that we care. Every pro-life supporter should write. Letters can be e-mailed to: [email protected] or mailed to:

Office of Attorney General
State Capitol Complex
Bldg. 1, Room E-26
Charleston, WV 25305

Here are some of the points you can make:

Contrary to the claims of the pro-abortion lobby, it is not “pro-woman” to subject women with a problem pregnancy to substandard and unregulated medical facilities that wouldn’t be tolerated in general medical practice.

The Attorney General has pointed out that West Virginia’s abortion facilities are “neither licensed nor regulated by the State.” The West Virginia State Department of Health and Human Services has reported “there is no state agency that specifically inspects clinics or facilities that perform abortion.” (Charleston Daily Mail, 6/1013) In West Virginia, even hair and nail salons are subjected to more regulations. Abortionists must also be regulated.

Most recently is the case of the Philadelphia abortionist, Kermit Gosnell, found guilty of the murder of live-born babies and hundreds of counts of malpractice performed in his “house of horrors.” The Grand Jury in the Gosnell case “found that Gosnell’s crimes could have been prevented if various state and city regulatory agencies had properly enforced the law.” Pennsylvania state officials began inspections and were forced to close additional abortion centers. Other states, in response to events in Pennsylvania, began inspections of their abortion centers, and have also closed clinics around the country.

On June 7, 2013, a suit was brought in Charleston, WV on behalf of Ms. Itai Gravely, alleging that the Women’s Health Center of West Virginia and its abortionist, Rodney Stephens, committed medical malpractice by proceeding with the abortion against her wishes, and then leaving the baby’s head in her womb in a botched abortion attempt.

Take advantage of the aids below and please get this information out to everyone!

Here is a short bulletin calling on pro-life members of your community to help with this project:

West Virginia Attorney General Morrisey has expressed his concerns about the need to have regulations and inspections of West Virginia’s abortion facilities, such as the general public expects to have in any other medical practice. The WV State Health Department has admitted that it does not regulate or inspect abortion facilities. WV AG Morrisey is asking for public comments on this topic, which must be sent to his office by August 16.

Please send your letter by e-mail to [email protected] or by mail to: Office of Attorney General, State Capitol Complex, Bldg. 1, Room E-26, Charleston, WV, 25305.

Click here for a flyer to distribute and post widely.

LifeNews Note: Wanda Franz is the president of West Virginians for Life.