Planned Parenthood Abortion Giant Closes Clinics in Texas Today

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 1, 2013   |   10:42AM   |   Austin, TX

The Planned Parenthood abortion corporation is closing clinics in Bryan and Lufkin, Texas today — after Texas Governor Rick Perry signed into law a bill that bans abortions after 20 weeks and holds abortion facilities accountable for higher health and safety standards.

The abortion giant informed employees at three locations in Texas that they would be closing. Those locations include Bryan, Huntsville and Lufkin, Texas — all run by the Houston affiliate of the abortion business. They all close today.

According to a local report:

The Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast Chapter, which serves Houston, southeast Texas, and Louisiana, announced two weeks ago that because of state budget cuts to women’s health care services, Planned Parenthood chapters in Lufkin, Huntsville, and Bryan will have to close.

After nearly 40 years of serving East Texans, their last day to see patients is Thursday, Aug. 1.

In addition, Planned Parenthood says that the Bryan clinic must close because of the new guidelines for abortion clinics the Texas Legislature recently passed. It is the only clinic of the three that offered abortion services.

Planned Parenthood is referring patients to their Houston clinic for abortion services.

From another local story:

The Planned Parenthood Center in Bryan will close its doors for good on Thursday. Officials with the center said the centers in Lufkin and Huntsville will also be closing up shop on Thursday. The Gulf Coast region’s president and CEO, Melaney Linton, cited “an increasingly hostile environment for providers of reproductive health care in underserved communities,” along with budget cuts to women’s health care services as reasons for the closure of the three centers.

The center also cited new abortion restrictions passed in the Texas Senate and signed by the governor.

Interestingly, none of the local stories mentioned the $4.3 million the Texas Planned Parenthood affiliate committed in fraud.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott announced on July 24 that his office had obtained a $1.4 million settlement against Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast for Medicaid fraud, with the settlement to be split between the state of Texas, the federal government, and the whistleblower (former PPGC employee Karen Reynolds).

It turns out the AG was apparently only announcing his state’s cut. The total settlement is actually $4.3 million – almost $3 million more than previously known.

While Planned Parenthood talks about women’s health, the bill Perry signed does more to protect their health.



The 20-week abortion ban was the major focus of the bill, but the legislation also places stricter health and safety regulations on abortion clinics — which has forced many abortion clinics in other states that can’t guarantee they can protect the health of women to close.

Planned Parenthood has botched abortions in numerous states, including Delaware, Colorado, and Missouri, for example. This week is the anniversary of the death of Tonya Reaves, a black woman who died at a Planned Parenthood in Chicago following a failed abortion.