Doctor Sings Happy Birthday to Every Baby He Delivers

National   Steven Ertelt   Aug 1, 2013   |   3:50PM    Washington, DC

When he was in the White House President George W. Bush liked to say he wanted every child “welcomed into life and protected under law.”

Dr. Carey D. Andrew-Jaja takes that to heart by welcoming every child he delivers with a song, “Happy Birthday.”

“Andrew-Jaja, of Magee Womens Hospital of UPMC has delivered thousands and thousands of babies, but he welcomes each of them into the world, with a beautiful song,” the hospital¬† says in an intro to a cute video it posted. “From “Happy Birthday,” to “It’s a Wonderful World,” he inherited the tradition from his mentor and he has even delivered a father and son! Dr. Andrew-Jaja delights in the special bond he creates with each and every one of the babies he delivers.”

“Coincidentally, Dr. Andrew-Jaja’s mantra is, “Confront every encounter with a smile on your face and a song in your heart,” and it is one he certainly seems to bring to life,” the hospital says.



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