Hey Nancy Pelosi: It’s Abortion Activists Who Need a Lesson on the Birds and Bees

Opinion   |   Stacie Kuhns   |   Jul 26, 2013   |   10:52AM   |   Washington, DC

I’ve been so enraged recently by the comments made by Nancy Pelosi about the presumed ignorance of pro-life leaders for many reasons. I was happy when I came across this article as I found it particularly poignant.

Pro-abortion advocates continually trumpet their advancement of “comprehensive sex education” but if this is really the larger portion of their goal as they claim, why aren’t they doing their job? We all know the reason, pro-abortion advocates are just that; pro-abortion, at any time, for any price.

Just how pro-abortion are some college students? They were happy to sign a fake petition to legalize abortions in the nonexistent fourth trimester of pregnancy.The Media Research Center set up the fake petition drive and interviewed students to find out show how solidly they support abortion on demand for any reason throughout pregnancy — and beyond.



As MRC notes:

Once again, MRCTV’s Dan Joseph went to a college campus and asked students to sign a petition. This time the goal was to get people to show their support for legalizing 4th trimester abortion.

For those of you who failed biology, babies are born at the END of the 3rd trimester. For those of you who didn’t, watch this video.

LifeNews Note: Stacie Kuhns writes for the Bound4Life blog.