Welcome to the World George Alexander Louis, the Royal Baby

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 24, 2013   |   1:49PM   |   Washington, DC

George Alexander Louis. The new baby to Prince William and Kate Middleton has been named. The two-day old child is third-in-line to the throne and will officially be named His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge.

An AP report provides more information on the Royal Family and how things have gone after George’s birth:

Palace officials say Prince William and his wife Kate are spending “private and quiet time for them to get to know their son” — and, perhaps, to figure out ways to shield him from intense public and media interest.

At least the relationship got off to a good start. The baby slept through his first photo op outside London’s St. Mary’s Hospital, while his parents beamed as they chatted easily with reporters. For a royal family that has had a fraught relationship with the media, it was a positive sign.

“I thought, is this an Oscar-winning performance?” said Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine. “But I think they were so genuinely overjoyed that they wanted to show off the baby.”

After leaving the hospital, the couple introduced their son to his uncle, Prince Harry, and to great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, keen to see the baby before she starts her annual summer vacation in Scotland later this week.

Then they headed to see Kate’s parents in their village near London — pretty much like any regular family.

From the pro-life perspective, as the world has spent the week discussing one of the most famous births, we at LifeNews have tried to keep the celebration of the birth of a child — a very pro-life event to be sure — in perspective.

Bryan Kemper, the head of the pro-life youth organization Stand True, reminded us that every baby is royal in God’s eyes.

“If only the world would be so excited for the single mom with no job living in a shack in the ghetto who is in labor right now,” he explained. “If only the world was so worried about the drug addict prostitute who is in labor with a baby who will be born addicted to crack. No, most of the world would say those kids should have been aborted (murdered) months ago.”

Eric Metaxas reminded us that the world recognized that the baby was just that — a baby before birth.

As he noted: “A case in point is the considerable elation over the news that Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, was carrying a child. That’s right, a child, not a “product of conception”! We are told that her “baby” will be third in line to the throne, behind only Prince William and Prince Charles. I’m not the only one to have noticed the unusual descriptions of the royal baby in the press.”

But unfortunately, not everyone saw it that way and, while most people around the world celebrated the birth of a new baby to the royal parents in England, haters on Twitter responded with the usual lack of class saying they wish the child had been aborted.