Texas Abortion Business to Close Down in 90 Days After New Late-Term Ban

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 23, 2013   |   6:43PM   |   Austin, TX

The new pro-life law Governor Rick Perry signed into law to ban abortions after 20 weeks has resulted in shutting down another abortion business.

The law bans abortions after 20 weeks and holds abortion clinics accountable by making them meet basic health and safety standards that have closed facilities in other states that are unable to comply. The law also requires all abortion clinics to meet the same health and safety regulations as an ambulatory surgical center, requires a doctor providing abortions to secure admitting privileges at a nearby hospital, and lastly, requires a doctor to personally administer the abortion-inducing drugs to the patient.

Abortion practitioner Lester Minto operates Reproductive Services, an abortion clinic in the Rio Grand Valley community of Harlingen that does 1,500-2,000 abortion per year. Mintor previously said he would try to operate outside the law, which also places health and safety limits on abortion clinics.

Now, he says he will close up his abortion shop in 90 days.

Reproductive Services of Harlingen owner Dr. Lester Minto said he’ll have to close his doors to women seeking abortions in the next 90 days.

Minto is complying with the new state law but is not happy about it.

“I feel like the choice is up to women not some old white politician,” Minto said.

Minto told Action 4 News that he feels the state is taking away a woman’s right to choose.

He said there many people have the wrong perception of clinics that perform the procedure.

“If more doctors would show the clinics, that it’s not a butcher shop,” Minto said. “There nothing bad going on in here.”

Previously, if forced to comply with the new law, Minto said he was willing to seek other means of continuing to provide abortions, even if his substandard clinic must close.

Minto, who called the Texas abortion law “an insult to women’s intelligence,” said he would keep doing abortions “whether that means under the cover of a mesquite tree or on a shrimp boat or going to Mexico” where abortions are also illegal.

“I didn’t say I’d stop doing abortions. I’m not going to give this up…And I’m not going to abandon girls,” Minto told a local newspaper.

“Minto’s comments show his complete disregard for the health and lives of women and his insistence on subjecting women to substandard practices as if she did not deserve anything better,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “Being treated by abortionists as something less than a human being is the real insult to the intelligence of women.”

Minto further reflected an attitude that women don’t deserve high medical standards when he insensitively told ABC News about the dangerous RU 486 abortion drug, “It’s kind of like a cheap cure for a radiator leak. Its efficacy rate is about 30 percent when used alone and improperly. But even though I don’t approve of it, I can’t criticize it. I would probably try the same if I were in a situation like these women.”



In 1996, Minto was disciplined for allowing staff to practice without adequate supervision including “allowing a physician’s assistant to utilize pre-signed prescription and to telephone in prescriptions for patients without consulting with [Minto].” This is a practice that helped land Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell and several of his associates who masqueraded as “doctors” in trouble with the law.

Previously, the abortion giant Planned Parenthood informed employees at three locations in Texas that they would be closing. Those locations include Bryan, Huntsville and Lufkin, Texas — all run by the Houston affiliate of the abortion business.