Save the Storks Uses 4-D Ultrasound Technology to Save Babies From Abortion

National   |   Lauren Enriquez   |   Jul 22, 2013   |   9:45AM   |   Dallas, TX

The 21st century has revealed a heretofore unimagined world of technology. We look back on fifty-year-old projections of what the world might be like in the year 2000 only to chuckle at how much further technology came than sci-fi fantasies had projected we would. And technology has always been a friend to the pro-life movement.

From the earliest fetal Dopplers and sonogram machines, the reality of life in the womb was affirmed. Pro-life technology evolved further, bringing us the 4D ultrasound image and medical science precise enough to allow in utero fetal surgeries, like the one pictured below.

Most recently, the marriage of technology and the pro-life movement have produced three game-changing new elements: redesigned sonogram buses, search engine optimization (SEO), and a new smartphone app that will allow mothers to monitor their unborn children’s vital signs from the comfort of their own homes.

Save the Storks, a pro-life organization that equips activists to do outreach directly from abortion clinic sidewalks, has set the gold standard when it comes to sonogram buses. The organization redesigned the whole idea of a sonogram bus, shifting from the traditional and overly-bulky RV bus to a specially-designed Mercedez truck that is decked out specifically for maternal assistance needs. Inside you will find a warm and uncluttered atmosphere and state-of-the-art technology, from sonogram machines to a counseling area.

Unlike the huge RVs, Save the Storks’ sonogram buses do not have superfluous quarters like bedrooms and kitchens. This allows the trucks to be smaller, which in turn gives them more freedom of access in congested and concentrated neighborhoods (exactly the types of neighborhoods where abortion mills are privy to situate themselves). In addition, the cost of gas for these vehicles is lower.

Search engine optimization, which is used by pro-life organizations like Online for Life, helps the pro-life cause by increasing the visibility of pro-life resources (such as pregnancy resource centers) to abortion-minded men and women doing web searches. These people are often unaware that there are options aside from abortion. By emphasizing the appearance of websites that provide assistance, or alternative choices like adoption, SEO has served both the pro-life movement, and the thousands of children who have been saved because their parents did an Internet search that led them to non-abortion resources.



A third example of cutting-edge pro-life technology is the IndieGoGo BabyWatch smartphone app. This app, which comes with a detachable fetal heart rate Doppler for your phone, displays and monitors fetal activity in an unprecedented way. Gone are the days when a woman’s only opportunity to be reassured of her baby’s heartbeat and movement are at her periodic obstetrical visits. Today, technology like the BabyWatch app make the joy of hearing her baby’s movement and heartbeat just a click away. According to their website, BabyWatch “is special, because it is not only a pregnancy home monitoring system; it’s a whole new interactive experience with your yet unborn baby! That is why we’ve added features that enable you to share those emotions with your loved ones. You can even upload your baby’s heart beat on our GlobalBeat to share it with the whole world.”