Putting the Royal Child in Perspective: Every Baby is Royal in God’s Eyes

Opinion   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 22, 2013   |   12:55PM   |   London, England

While the world waits for the birth of Kate Middleton’s royal child, pro-life advocates have sent out tweets and comments today putting the heralded birth into perspective.

Bryan Kemper, the head of the pro-life youth organization Stand True, summed it up best.

“Every baby is royal in God’s eyes,” he said.

“If only the world would be so excited for the single mom with no job living in a shack in the ghetto who is in labor right now,” he explained. “If only the world was so worried about the drug addict prostitute who is in labor with a baby who will be born addicted to crack. No, most of the world would say those kids should have been aborted (murdered) months ago.”

“What if Kate would have decided to kill her baby, I wonder how the world would react?” he asked. “I just wish we would welcome EVERY baby with this much joy, love and care and understand they are all royal in God’s eyes.”

Other pro-lifers noted how abortion advocates are calling Kate’s baby a “baby” rather than a blob of cells. Still others noticed that the fascination with Kate’s baby drowns out the outrage some people had when Kermit Gosnell killed newly-born infants in infanticide.