Abusive Boyfriend Charged with Trying to Kill Girlfriend’s Unborn Baby

State   |   Sarah Terzo   |   Jul 22, 2013   |   12:00PM   |   St. Paul, MN

A Minnesota teenager who police say punched his pregnant girlfriend in the stomach in an attempt to get her to miscarry is being held on $10,000 bail at the Pierce County Jail.

18 year old Jessy Jordan Holtzkamp is being charged with attempted first-degree homicide of an unborn child, aggravated battery of an unborn child and battery in his attack on Krystal Alters-Meulemans, who was three months pregnant at the time of the assault. Holtzcamp is the father of the baby.

The assault took place in a motel room where the couple had been staying.   Other motel patrons heard loud arguing coming from the couples’ room. A motel worker repeatedly told them to quiet down.  The same worker later found Alters-Meulemans curled up in a fetal position on the bed, crying and in obvious pain. The worker called 911.

Alters-Meulemans was rushed to the hospital where doctors were able to save her unborn baby. Like many abused women, she initially refused to answer questions and tried to protect her boyfriend. She may have been afraid of retaliation or caught up in a cycle of abuse that was hard for her to break.

Police questioned Holtzkamp anyway, and he admitted punching Alters-Meulemans in the stomach repeatedly. The 18 year old told them that he would “love” to have killed the baby. Holtzkamp told the police that he thought he was too young to be a father.



When police booked him, he began, in the police report’s words: “making himself out to be a celebrity, stating, ‘We got a murderer up in here,” and singing a song he made up about killing the unborn baby. When he was asked if he was sorry for the assault, he said, “Hell naw.” He repeatedly stated that he wanted the baby to die.

Holtzkamp is facing up to 60 years in prison for the crime.

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