#Justice4Tonya: Hold Planned Parenthood Accountable for Killing Black Woman in Abortion

National   |   Ryan Bomberger   |   Jul 18, 2013   |   5:37PM   |   Washington, DC

She wasn’t wearing a hoodie, but was killed in the ‘hood…Planned Parenthood. A young black woman was left to bleed to death for 5.5 hours. 911 was never called. Her unborn child, mutilated. Both intentionally killed by the world’s largest abortion chain.

Where are those who demand “Justice for Trayvon”?

We are a culture that jumps on bandwagons. Trayvon’s tragic death brought out the racialists, the Civil Wrongs activists and other liberals in droves. A black woman is killed by Planned Parenthood, and the President praises the abortion chain, while the “I AM TRAYVON MARTIN” crowd is silent.

Tonya Reaves could be your daughter. The silent hypocrisy screams loud and clear. Tonya was killed by a (white) late-term abortionist, Mandy Gittler, who never called 911 to save Tonya’s life. Instead, a woman who made the tragic decision to end the life of her child bled to death for over 5 hours.

Where are the cries of “racial profiling” and white-on-black crime? (Don’t get me wrong…the mainstream media injected racial blame and division is nauseating and irresponsible. We just point out the despicable double standard. See my article about the Trayvon’s Death and the BlaxPloitation of the “Right to Life”.)

Sadly, her death proves that, for many so called “civil rights” leaders, sometimes violence toward women is simply…ok. The real war on women has killed again.  The simple truth is that protecting abortion is more important to Planned Parenthood than protecting women.

“Tonya Reaves and her baby are innocent victims of the abortion cartel, and the injustice and the injustice is perpetrated by those with a political ideology that covers up Big Abortion abuses. The industry is littered with quacks and hucksters who routinely kill women like Tonya.  But we will not allow Tonya’s death to be in vain. We speak out so there will be justice for Tonya and a crumbling of the elitist pro-abortion mentality,” says Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. His organization has worked tirelessly to expose the “back alley” abortionists that have thrived since Roe thanks to the protection of pro-abortion politicians and state departments of health. Operation Rescue was the first organization to provide Tonya’s autopsy report to the public, proving she died from a botched abortion and failure of treatment at Planned Parenthood.

Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics, the organization that created Maafa21 and has exposed the criminality of the abortion industry in numerous investigations, explains the hypocritical silence. “Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were willing to move heaven and earth to get justice for Trayvon Martin, but they write off Tonya Reeves like she never existed.  Someone needs to ask these two why they think Trayvon’s life counts more than Tonya’s.” Crutcher offers the simple, yet deplorable reason: “Is it because she was killed by a group of people they happen to like?”Life Dynamics is hoping to help inform the public with its Facebook Tweetfest effort and press for true civil rights champions to demand #Justice4Tonya.


The State of Illinois has ignored this tragic death just like it ignored many other women’s deaths as uncovered by an undercover investigation by the Chicago Sun-Times and the Better Government Association back in 1978. The wide-scale investigation found filthy Gosnell-like conditions, abortions committed on women who weren’t even pregnant, massive reproductive damage to women due to unsanitary conditions, unqualified “doctors”, commission pay for selling abortion, counselors who were paid “not to counsel”, and dogs brought into exam rooms that would “lap up the blood.”  In one of the squalid clinics, they would use “wet Kleenexes” to clean up in between abortions.

This investigation covered 6 clinics responsible for more than half of the state’s abortions—four of which were responsible for 1/3 of that total. These four grisly clinics were the reason the Chicago Sun-Times/BGA study would “document how women are deceived, maimed, crippled and even killed by abortion profiteers.” They discovered at least 12 women who were killed by these post-Roe “back alley” abortionists.

No mainstream news outlet has asked the question, “What is a late-term abortionist like Mandy Gittler doing in a Planned Parenthood clinic that claims to only do medication abortions?” Planned Parenthood of Illinois has never indicated that surgical abortions were ever done at their 18 South Michigan Ave (Loop Center) location. Their own website only indicated, as of June 2012, one month before Tonya’s death, only their Near North Center and Aurora Center committed surgical abortions up to 17 weeks and 6 days. One would conclude that the Loop Center, where Tonya lay bleeding to death, was not equipped for a 16-week surgical abortion. Her untimely death would seem to prove such a reality. But mainstream media’s not interested in asking the easy questions.

Day Gardner, President of the National Black Prolife Union, who has helped inform the American public about the grisly crimes of Kermit Gosnell, can’t help but think about Tonya’s cold and lonely death. “I can’t help but wonder what Tonya’s last moments were like. Did she lie there knowing her life’s blood was draining freely and no one was there to stop it? Did she wish she could start all over again—like in the movie Groundhog Day—to choose Life instead?”

Her words are such a powerful reminder of how irreversible the act of abortion is.

Tonya, her unborn child, her 2-year-old son and her family deserve justice. Mainstream media has completely ignored their wrongful death lawsuit, but the National Black Prolife Coalition, Prolife Action League, Thomas More Society, Life Dynamics, Operation Rescue, The Radiance Foundation and many other true defenders of human rights won’t.

One of those defenders is Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life. He has dedicated his life to defending the dignity of all human life and has always been on the frontline of drawing attention to both women and children harmed by abortion. His organization is partnering with others to hold a public prayer vigil in Philly tomorrow (July 19th) for the babies that Gosnell murdered. “Tonya Reaves was murdered by an industry that continues to be the most unregulated in the nation,” Father Pavone said today. “We who seek to protect unborn children seek, with no less concern, to protect their mothers. You can’t harm one without harming the other and you can’t love one without loving the other.”

The niece of Martin Luther King Jr. and the daughter of A.D. King, both slain civil rights champions, knows a lot about justice. Alveda King (also with Priests for Life) fights for it every day, carrying the mantle of an undeniable legacy of human rights. She asked at today’s #Justice4Tonya press conference: “As protestors organize 100 ‘Justice for Trayvon’ Marches, where are the outcries for the murder of Tonya Reaves at a Chicago Planned Parenthood Clinic?”

Tonya’s death…Her family’s pain…Our nation’s women and unborn children deserve more than the unending, unchecked destruction and profiteering of today’s “back alley” abortionists.  All we ask, with millions of others who actually believe in everyone’s Right to Life, is that our city, state and federal government leaders courageously investigate, prosecute, and defund Planned Parenthood.

Or, like countless viable babies in Gosnell-like clinics, have their spines, too, been snipped?