Racial Injustice: Abortion Kills Thousands of Trayvon Martins Every Year

Opinion   |   John Coats   |   Jul 17, 2013   |   10:08AM   |   Columbus, OH

In Ohio, we lose thousands of Trayvon Martins each year. Regardless of what opinion you may have on the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial, the fact remains that a young African-American male was killed in Florida last year. And any unnatural loss of life is always a tragedy.

As the community reflects on that tragedy, we all have the opportunity to confront the egregious tragedy that disproportionately affects the African-American community daily: abortion.

Black women comprise approximately 8 percent of the population, yet almost 40 percent of all abortions take place in their wombs and on their innocent children. Whether you consider yourself pro-life or pro-choice, you would be sorely remiss to deny that abortion poses a serious crisis within the African-American community.

How do we fight this crisis? The first step is to be honest and to educate the community about it.

The second is to boycott. Approximately 80 percent of Planned Parenthood facilities are located in or near minority communities. This abortion giant has a well-documented history of targeting African-Americans. If we would just not use their services, African-Americans could put the No. 1 provider of abortions out of business.



Thirdly, we must not vote for any candidate who supports or who is supported by Planned Parenthood or its lobby, NARAL Pro-Choice. These candidates do not deserve support from the African-American community if they are willing to stand arm in arm, shoulder to shoulder with this abortion giant.

If we really want to get angry about racial injustice, we have a target and a course of action to take.

LifeNews Note: John Coates is the executive director of Ohio Right to Life.