Pro-Abortion Texas Man With “No Rape Babies” Sign Defends Holding It

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 16, 2013   |   4:50PM   |   Austin, TX

The pro-abortion activist who held a sign saying “No Rape Babies” during the protests leading up to the Texas late-term abortion ban has no remorse over holding the sign.

Billy Joe Cain is an Austin resident who is a video game producer and he is the same man whose daughter made a sign saying, “Jesus Isn’t a D—, Keep Him Out of May Vagina.”

The pro-life group Students for Life of America confronted Cain about the No Rape Babies sign. LifeNews also asked him to defend the sign in light of pro-life activists who have been born after being conceived in rape. He refused to respond.



The sign didn’t go over well with Rebecca Kiessling, a pro-life attorney who was conceived in rape and could have been a victim of abortion.

“Photos of pro-abort demonstrators in Texas. Wish I could have talked to this guy,” she said in her post of the photo on Facebook. “This guy just makes me laugh. What’s wrong with rape babies sir?? Are they green with purple dots?????”

“No one else is as demonized and marginalized as children conceived in rape,” she said, adding that the sign should have said, “No rapists.”