“BroChoice:” Man Complains Casual Sex More Difficult if Abortions Banned

Opinion   |   Kristan Hawkins   |   Jul 11, 2013   |   3:10PM   |   Washington, DC

This week, Ben Sherman, a pro-abortion boy, took to his blog to explain the #brochoice movement.

He wrote that if abortion isn’t readily accessible, especially in his state of Texas, men’s sex lives are at stake. It was the ultimate form of male-chauvinism, yet NARAL and other pro-abortion women’s groups took to Twitter in support of the campaign.

Can’t believe this actually happened? Here’s what Sherman wrote to other men as to why they should be #brochoice:

  • “Forcing women to adhere to the anti-choice attitudes of state legislators forces men to do the same, and will have serious consequences both on men’s lives and lifestyles.”
  • “Your sex life is at stake. Can you think of anything that kills the vibe faster than a woman fearing a back-alley abortion? Making abortion essentially inaccessible in Texas will add an anxiety to sex that will drastically undercut its joys. And don’t be surprised if casual sex outside of relationships becomes far more difficult to come by.”

If the Texas pro-life omnibus bill passes the Texas legislature this week, less babies will die and less women will be victimized by abortionists in the lone-star state, but poor Ben  doesn’t care about that! Oh, no, he is too worried that he will have less one night stands if there are actually consequences to sex. Imagine that!

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