Mother Gives Birth, Throws Baby Off 12th Floor to Her Death

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 10, 2013   |   3:53PM   |   Beijing, China

A mother in China gave birth to a baby girl in a toilet and subsequently flung the baby off of the 12th floor of a building, where she plunged to her death.

From a local report in China:

A 19-year-old migrant woman has been charged with killing her infant daughter by dropping her from the 12th floor of a building in Songjiang district, police said Tuesday.

The suspect, surnamed Zhou, has been charged with intentional homicide, according to a post on the Songjiang District Public Security Bureau’s microblog. Police took the suspect into custody Monday night.

The infant’s body was found on an overhang on the fourth floor of a mixed commercial and residential building on Xinzhong Road, according to a report on the news website

Witnesses said the child was naked and there was still blood on her uncut umbilical cord.

The unmarried Zhou had the baby in secret in a public restroom, according to the police microblog. She and her previous boyfriend had broken up after she accidently got pregnant.

She was too afraid to have an abortion or tell her next boyfriend about the pregnancy, so she decided to abandon the baby after giving birth.

Zhou told investigators that her mind was completely blank when she dropped the baby, police said.

Zhou could be sentenced to between 10 years and life in prison, or the death penalty, said Zhang Peihong, a lawyer from the Huiye Law Firm.



“Her sentence depends on her motive for the murder,” he said.

The news report follows weeks after news of a newborn baby who was rescued from a sweage pipe. When Baby 59’s unmarried mother delivered him in her bathroom, she thought her child would remain a secret. But after the baby slipped from her hands into the sewer pipe, her secret became global news.

The mother, 22, hid her pregnancy because it is illegal for unmarried Chinese women to have children. On May 25, she unexpectedly gave birth over the toilet in her apartment’s shared bathroom. Before calling for help, she flushed the remaining blood down the toilet to hide evidence of the birth. A dramatic two-hour rescue followed in which rescuers pried the pipe off the mostly uninjured baby piece by piece. Hospital workers nicknamed him “Baby 59” after the number of his incubator.