Mother Who Lost Baby in Miscarriage Upset Medical Records Call it Abortion

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 8, 2013   |   1:43PM   |   Milwaukee, WI

A Wisconsin mom is upset that a doctor called her baby’s death from a miscarriage an “abortion” in her medical records.

A miscarriage is frequently referred to in medical literature as a spontaneous abortion, but the word “spontaneous” never appeared in Andrea Christian’s medical records. Therefore, the files made it appear she made the decision to take her baby’s life in an abortion.

From a local Fox News television report:

In 2009, Andrea Christian lost a child. ”I did at one point see the heartbeat and then you don`t see it,” she remembers.

“It hits you all at once.”

She recently changed doctors and requested her medical records. She couldn’t believe what she read.

“I just felt like they had ignored that I had lost a child,” Christian says.

The doctor had called her miscarriage an abortion.



“I’ve had a lot of stress just thinking about this,” Christian explains. ”That’s not what happened to me. I did not have an abortion. I had a miscarriage.”

She tried to get her records changed, but the hospital refused, writing her a letter. It said “health professionals use the terms miscarriage and abortion synonymously.”

Medical professionals say sometimes the word “spontaneous” will be written before the word “abortion” to indicate a miscarriage. The words “elective abortion” mean a patient chose the surgical procedure.

In Christian’s case, no such distinction was made in her records.