Dozens Attend Memorial Service for Geese, Babies Gosnell Killed Get No Burial

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 7, 2013   |   5:15PM   |   Philadelphia, PA

Dozens of people attended a memorial service for 144 geese who officials in North Carolina euthanized. But the babies abortion practitioner Kermit Gosnell killed are not getting a proper funeral because local officials in Philadelphia refuse to release their bodies to a Catholic priest who wants to bury them properly.

From the story:

Dozens of people have gathered in a Gaston County park for a memorial service for 144 Canadian geese that were euthanized by county workers worried they had become a health hazard.

The service Friday night included 144 fresh-cut daisies and carnations and songs. Several people at the service discussed putting together a rescue group for geese. Several people wished the county had done something different.

The geese lived in Gaston County Park in Dallas for a decade, but county officials said the flock had grown so large that their droppings were a health hazard. So workers gathered up the birds last month and were killed with poison gas.

It wasn’t unusual. In 2012, federal officials issued euthanasia permits for nearly 25,000 Canada geese in 46 states.



After the Philadelphia Medical Examiner’s office denied a request from a leading pro-life Catholic priest to give the babies abortion practitioner Kermit Gosnell killed in brutal infanticides, official say the babies were cremated and buried.

The city said it followed its normal procedures by conducting cremation of the bodies of the 47 babies, according to city spokesman Mark McDonald said.

Father Pavone told LifeNews he is upset by the decision. The National Director of Priests for Life said:

“There is no need for the Medical Examiner to have some hidden, secret burial as if we are to be ashamed of these babies. These babies are not unclaimed. They are claimed and have been named by us, because they are our brothers and sisters. We will therefore have a national funeral service for these babies, even without the bodies. We will involve the entire pro-life movement and all people of good will, and more information will be announced shortly. Moreover, we want to know exactly where the remains of these children will be placed.”

“In April, we requested permission from the Philadelphia Medical Examiner to bury these children,” Fr. Pavone stated. “The nation was stunned to learn how Dr. Gosnell killed these children, and then stored their bodies in cat food containers and freezers. Now we have an opportunity to treat them better, by at least honoring their bodies with a proper funeral and burial.”