Dedicated Pro-Life Athletes Hit the Roads in a Bike for The Unborn

National   |   Lauren Enriquez   |   Jun 19, 2013   |   10:02AM   |   Washington, DC

On Monday, a group of dedicated pro-life athletes hit the pavement for a whirlwind pilgrimage that combines their love of the unborn with their love of cycling.

The “Bike for the Unborn” pilgrimage is taking place in southern California. Its aim is to fundraise for pro-life organizations, but at its core is a commitment to pray for the success of the pro-life cause. The pilgrimage will last one week, beginning and ending in San Gabriel.

The itinerary, which can be found on Bike for the Unborn’s Facebook page, is as follows:

17: San Gabriel to Malibu Creek
18: Malibu Creek to Point Mugu
19: Point Mugu to Santa Barbara
20: Santa Barbara to Emma Wood State Beach
21: Emma Wood to Malibu Creek
22: Malibu Creek to San Gabriel

California is one of the most pro-abortion states in the nation, with lax or nonexistent reporting laws and few restrictions safeguarding women and children. Consequently, it is a key territory in the battle for Life. In addition to Bike for the Unborn, California is also home to the Walk for Life West Coast (the western version of Washington, DC’s annual March for Life).

The group, which has deep roots in faith, will be retracing the steps of an 18th century Franciscan friar named Junipero Serra. Serra was a missionary to California who dedicated his life to spreading the Gospel message to Americans. Before last year’s Bike for the Unborn pilgrimage, Fr. Nix, one of the organizers, told the Catholic News Agency that the bike tour is treated as a genuine pilgrimage: “We’ll just show up and let God do the heavy lifting, just like He did for Bl. Junipero Serra and his friends.”

Fr. Nix continued: “It’s more than an effort to raise funds and awareness for this cause. Our vision for ‘Bike for the Unborn’ is that we will create revolution by seeking God’s divine intervention.” By combining fundraising efforts with even stronger prayer efforts, other pro-life organizations have seen their biggest successes. One example is the 40 Days for Life Campaign. Born out of prayer and thriving on prayer, the organization sees the closure of abortion facilities and lives saved throughout the year and it is all credited to conversation with God. Similarly, the Bike for the Unborn pilgrimage holds prayer at the heart of its mission to change the Culture of Death in its own, unique way.



Participants in the Bike for the Unborn pilgrimage exemplify the truth that the pro-life movement has a place for everyone and every talent. These intrepid young bikers have taken what they enjoy and are good at and put it to the service of the pro-life cause.