Mother Threatens to Kill Pregnant Daughter Who Refuses Abortion

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jun 13, 2013   |   11:47AM   |   Harrisburg, PA

A Pennsylvania woman threatened to kill her daughter, who is pregnant but refused her requests to get an abortion.

Reports indicate the woman, Magdalena Mateia-Bitlan, 37, attacked her daughter and threatened to kill her and her child. When the daughter said she would not get an abortion, Mateia-Bitlan reportedly told her to pack her things and leave the house.

From the story:

The daughter went upstairs and started packing and her mother followed her into her room, shoving her in the belly and then punching her in the belly. The daughter got on her bed and her mother continued punching and scratching her in the back.

During the attack, Mateia-Bitlan told her daughter she wants her dead and that she was going to kill her and her baby.

The daughter got away, grabbed her belongings and started walking out of the house. Her mother continued following her and throwing things at her.

The daughter reported the incident to state police at 6:47 p.m. Tuesday at the Fogelsville barracks. She told police her parents kicked her out of the house weeks earlier and she was living with a friend, but her mother called her Monday and asked her to come home.

The daughter told police she went to school Tuesday and went back to her parents’ house. She said she was in the kitchen grabbing something to eat when her mother confronted her about the abortion.

Mateia-Bitlan was charged with making terroristic threats, simple assault and harassment. She was arraigned by District Judge Wayne Maura and released on $10,000 unsecured bail.

Mark Crutcher, President of Life Dynamics, says women who are pregnant often face violence when they refuse abortions — but usually it comes from the male husband or boyfriend.



“What happens when men use abortion as a sort of safety net? What do they do when the woman they’ve impregnated won’t jump into the net?” he asked.

Crutcher continues, “Our research shows that when a male displays these kinds of attitudes about his partner’s pregnancy, his first reaction will be to demand that she have an abortion. In almost every incident in which violence ensues, its motive will be that she refused to comply.”

According to Crutcher, “When we were able to obtain copies of police reports, indictments, court records or other similar documentation for these cases, they would almost universally show that when a perpetrator is confronted by an unwanted pregnancy, his first response is not violence but a demand that his partner have an abortion. When violence ensues, it is inevitably a reaction to her refusal to comply. However, the media’s coverage of these incidents often contains no mention of abortion. Instead, they either portray women who are attacked for refusing to have abortions as women who are attacked for getting pregnant, or they characterize the incident as one of simple “domestic violence” in which the victim’s pregnancy is basically inconsequential.”

Crutcher points at out that although there have been Herculean efforts by the abortion lobby to call for the protection of abortion providers against violence, they fail to make the same effort to protect these women from violence, “For political and public relations reasons, those who most loudly proclaim “a woman’s right to choose,” have shown no interest in “a woman’s right not to choose.” On one hand, they may not approve of women being bludgeoned or killed for refusing to have abortions. But on the other hand, they have made it clear that they are willing to write-off these women as just collateral damage in the war to keep abortion legal.”

Crutcher warns women about this growing violence by telling them, “If he’s going to be pro-choice about your baby, he might be pro-choice about you.”