Wisconsin Senate Passes Bill to Allow Women Ultrasound Before Abortion

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jun 12, 2013   |   10:45AM   |   Madison, WI

The Wisconsin state senate approved a bill this morning that would allow women considering an abortion a chance to see an ultrasound of their baby beforehand. In other states with similar laws on the books, abortions have declined as women choose life for their baby.

After the vote, Wisconsin Right to Life hailed passage of Senate Bill 206 (Sonya’s Law) in the State Senate.

“Wisconsin Right to Life is deeply appreciative to Senator Mary Lazich for her tremendous leadership on this issue and to the members of the State Senate who voted for this important legislation,” said Susan Armacost, Legislative Director for Wisconsin Right to Life.

Senate bill 206 (Sonya’s Law) is legislation that provides a baby with the opportunity for his mother to see him through ultrasound before his mother makes a choice about how to proceed with her pregnancy.  The woman can choose the type of ultrasound after all options are explained to her.  The ultrasound helps to determine the age of the baby.

Armacost says Sonya, mother of two children, learned she was pregnant with her third child this past November.  Sonya was stunned because she had taken precautions to not get pregnant.

Sonya worried about how she could handle another child, emotionally and financially. She seriously thought about abortion.

Armacost said Sonya saw a Milwaukee transit bus ad about a free ultrasound and decided to have one.  She learned she was seven weeks pregnant.  Once she saw her child and realized his heart was beating, Sonya made an emotional connection with her baby and made the decision to carry him to term. Sonya will deliver a baby boy in July.

“In spite of the blatant misinformation being promoted by the opponents of Sonya’s Law, this legislation does not force women to have a specific type of ultrasound, said Armacost.  “It is up to the women to choose the type of ultrasound she prefers, after all options are explained to her.  The actual language of the law states:  ‘perform an obstetric ultrasound on the pregnant woman, using whichever tranducer the woman chooses after the options have been explained to her.'”



“During the floor debate, Senator Lazich eloquently summed up why Sonya’s Law is so greatly needed,” said Armacost.  “She said, ‘We stand with women who want to make a truly informed decision.'”

Armacost concluded: “Wisconsin Right to Life stands with Senator Lazich and with Representative Pat Strachota, the Assembly author of Sonya’s Law, in their efforts to empower women in making decisions regarding how to proceed with their pregnancies.”