Mother Tossed Six-Day-Old Baby Down Trash Chute in Attempted Infanticide

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jun 12, 2013   |   10:24AM   |   Washington, DC

A British court is hearing the case of a mother who tossed her six-day-old baby down the garbage chute and later claimed the child was kidnapped.

The case follows closely on the heels of an incident in China that received international attention, which saw a mother birth a child into a toilet. Rescue workers later saved the baby from a sewage pipe and the baby has recovered.

In this case, however, the child was not so lucky and suffered from brain injuries including several skull fractures as experts believe baby hit bottom of the chute at approximately 32 MPH. Jaymin Abdulrahman is now on trial for attempted murder.

The London Daily Mail has more on this case:

A mother tried to kill her newborn daughter by dropping her more than 40ft down a tower block rubbish chute, a court heard yesterday.

Jaymin Abdulrahman is alleged to have ‘completely swaddled’ the baby, put her in the chute, then tidied up her fifth-floor flat.

The girl was found – apparently lifeless – by her father later that day.

She had suffered severe head and brain injuries, including several skull fractures.

During her fall, she had struck a metal deflector plate placed at the foot of the chute to slow items of rubbish.

Pieces of a broken Moses basket were found in a bin at the bottom of the chute and bits of wood were discovered inside the flat, Birmingham Crown Court heard.

Abdulrahman initially told police that the six-day-old girl had been kidnapped by strangers, the jury heard.



The 25-year-old, from Wolverhampton, denies attempted murder, causing grievous bodily harm with intent and inflicting grievous bodily harm.

But prosecutor Andrew Smith QC said it was expected that Abdulrahman would accept during the hearing that she put the baby, who cannot be named for legal reasons, into the chute.

The jury would hear evidence from two psychiatrists who had assessed her in recent weeks, he said.

‘The prosecution contend that Miss Abdulrahman knew what she was doing when she carried the baby from the flat and dropped her those five floors down the chute,’ Mr Smith said.