Kermit Gosnell Snipped Babies’ Necks in Delaware Too, Won’t be Prosecuted

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jun 4, 2013   |   11:11AM   |   Dover, DE

y now, most Americans who have followed the case of infamous abortion practitioner Kermit Gosnell know he “snipped” the necks of babies at his Philadelphia abortion clinic.

But the abortion practitioner also killed newborn babies in gruesome abortion-infanticide procedures at a Delaware abortion facility where he also worked. However, Gosnell won’t be prosecuted for those cases because there was not enough evidence to bring charges.

As one local report relates:

In addition to working at his now-notorious “house of horrors” Women’s Medical Society Clinic in West Philadelphia, former abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell worked for years performing abortions at a clinic in Wilmington.

After a judge sentenced Gosnell to three life terms in prison for killing newborns delivered alive during abortions at his West Philadelphia clinic, Philadelphia District Attorney R. Seth Williams was unequivocal when asked if he believed Gosnell committed the same crimes at the Atlantic Women’s Medical Services clinic in Delaware:

“Yes,” he said. “We believe he was conducting the same type of act in Delaware as he was conducting here in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.”

According to investigators and court papers, Gosnell used the same type of risky, labor-inducing approach to abortions at the Atlantic clinic in Wilmington that sometimes resulted in children being delivered alive by abortion patients.

Others told investigators they saw Gosnell snipping spinal columns of babies that were delivered at the Atlantic clinic.

But the problem for Delaware investigators was that they did not have witnesses who could testify to seeing Gosnell severing the spinal cords of any of the babies who showed apparent signs of life after they were delivered at Atlantic.

“The Wilmington police and the Attorney General’s Office were understandably concerned and suspicious that similar conduct was occurring here in Delaware,” said Deputy Attorney General Steven Wood.

“We uncovered anecdotal evidence that concerned us, but police were never able to uncover sufficient evidence to justify an arrest or prosecution [in Delaware],” Wood said.

Gosnell was convicted of first-degree murder in the deaths of three babies born alive after an abortion process that involved jabbing them in the neck with scissors. Gosnell gave up his right to appeal the verdict that found him guilty on three of the four first-degree murder charges he faced. As a result, prosecutors agreed to two life terms in prison and Gosnell would not face the death penalty.

Kermit Gosnell faced sentencing for killing a woman in a failed abortion. He was also sentenced to two and a half to five years in prison for that and will spend the rest of his life in prison.

The prosecutors originally sought the death penalty because Gosnell killed more than one person and because of the age of the newborn babies involved. They also agreed to the life sentences in prison because Gosnell’s age made it unlikely he would be executed before his appeals ran out, as he would die naturally beforehand.

Gosnell’s attorney, Jack McMahon, said the abortionist accepts the verdict and isn’t sorry he went to trial. He said Gosnell gave up a somewhat better deal early on but wanted to air the issues in court and is satisfied that he did so.

“He wanted this case aired out in a courtroom and it got aired out in a courtroom in a fair way. And now he’s accepting what will happen. He’s an intelligent guy,” said McMahon, who said Gosnell would now plead to federal drug charges that are still pending.

Gosnell was found guilty of killing Baby A, Baby C and Baby D and found not guilty of killing Baby E. He was also convicted on hundreds of lesser charges ranging from infanticide to running a corrupt organization.

Gosnell was also found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of patient Karnamaya Mongar, who died after a botched abortion. And he was found guilty on most of the more than 200 counts of violating Pennsylvania’s informed consent law.

In total, Gosnell was found guilty of 21 out of 24 felony counts of illegal abortions beyond the 24 week limit and found guilty on all but 16 of 227 misdemeanor counts of violating the 24-hour informed consent law.



Below are the details related to the four babies Gosnell was charged with killing:

Baby Boy A was the biggest baby that Kareema Cross had ever seen delivered at Gosnell’s abortion “House of Horrors” clinic in the four years she worked there. He was delivered to 17-year old Shaquana Abrams at 29.4 weeks gestation, according to an ultrasound record. Baby Boy A was so large, he did not fit into the plastic shoe box that Gosnell tossed him in. Cross said she saw the baby pull in his arms and legs while Gosnell explained the movements as “reflexes” telling her the baby really didn’t move prior to cutting the baby’s neck. Baby Boy A was so large, Gosnell joked that “this baby is big enough to walk around with me or walk me to the bus stop.” Cross and fellow employees Adrienne Moton and 15-year old Ashley Baldwin were all so “startled” by the size of the baby that they all took photos of the baby with their cell phones.

Baby C was an intact baby of over 25-weeks gestation. Kareema Cross testified that she saw Baby C breathing and described the up and down chest movements she observed for 20 minutes. She told the court she saw Lynda Williams lift the baby’s arm and watched as the newborn drew it back on its own power. Afterwards, Williams inserted surgical scissors into the baby’s neck and “snipped” the spinal cord. Gosnell was said to be in the room at the time. This baby’s murder charges were unintentionally dismissed in the place of Baby F, but were reinstated after Judge Minehart discovered his error.

Baby D was described by witnesses as 12-15 inches long with the head the size of a “big pancake” when he was delivered into a toilet. Kareema Cross testified that she saw the baby struggling, using swimming motions in an attempt to get out of the toilet bowl. Adrienne Moton pulled the baby out and “snipped” the neck, as Gosnell had taught her to do, while the mother watched. Gosnell has also been charged with Criminal Solicitation of Moton to commit murder of Baby D.

Baby E was estimated to be at least 23 weeks gestation and maybe more. After Baby E was delivered, teen Ashley Baldwin heard the baby cry and called Kareema Cross for help. Cross described the baby’s cry as a “whine.” Baldwin said that Gosnell when into the room then came out with the baby — which now had an incision in its neck — and tossed it into the waste bin.