Time to End Abortion, Women Deserve Better

Opinion   |   Suzanne Miral   |   May 28, 2013   |   10:21AM   |   Washington, DC

Growing up I dreamed of being a nurse.  I wanted to work in the ER or somehow help people when they first entered the hospital in the height of their time of crisis to be able to fix whatever problem they had.  In my mind, it was just that simple.

Somehow, where I have ended up in my career exactly fulfills my childhood dreams though I am indeed not a nurse.  I may not be working in an emergency room, but I am there in their time of emergency, when a woman is faced with crisis.  I never imagined I would one day work for an organization whose main purpose serves to end abortion, because as a child, I didn’t even know what abortion was. I never thought anybody would ever hurt a baby, much less kill them.  I loved babies, and I still do.

Now as an adult I see the world as it truly is; selfish, egotistical and greedy.  Is there still good left in this world?  Absolutely!  However, the good is rather hard to find, especially when you spend so much time on the sidewalk outside of an abortion facility.  The pro-life organization I work for is stationed right outside the largest late term abortion business in the Western Hemisphere.

Abortionist/murderer Kermit Gosnell has been in the news recently after his “house of horrors” came to light, and now Texas abortionist Douglas Karpen is also making news.  He is being accused of killing babies, not only in utero, but also after being born. Workers describe methods such as pulling a baby’s head right off, or jamming instruments into the baby’s soft spot.

I know those details are hard to read and may be upsetting to you, but that is the point.  You need to be upset!  We need to act on our convictions!  This is the reality of what abortion is, whether it is a first trimester or a third trimester abortion. Both procedures tear the baby apart and end the child’s life.

I’ve heard it said that if these babies were two-year-olds being thrown in a lake to drown, every person who heard of it would be racing to save them.  Well, I ask you: what is the difference?  Doesn’t it stand to reason that the evil of abortion is equal to that of throwing two-year-olds in a lake to drown? If anything, abortion is far worse because these babies are all the more innocent, defenseless, and deserving of our love and protection.

You probably already know that abortion kills the baby and harms the woman, but have you ever really stopped to think how heinous this act really is? One method of committing early abortions is to use a razor-lined vacuum to violently suck a tiny human being out of the womb of his or her mother – while their tiny heart is still beating with such force it can implode a paint thinner can.     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICy6i_bzEGw

Or the later-term abortions the legs and arms are ripped off these tiny humans while he or she is still alive. These acts of violence committed against a defenseless human, murdered all in the name of “women’s rights”.  A human being who had so much potential, who would have so much love for their mother, who could have had the cure for Cancer or AIDS.

But we will never know, will we?

Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and other pro-abortion organizations seem to love accusing those of us in the pro-life movement of trying to take away women’s health care.  I call that absolute nonsense.  There is no health or mental benefit to having an abortion.  How can this possibly be called “health care” when someone always dies?

Planned Parenthood has been caught red-handed on countless occasions breaking the law: failing to report statutory rape, giving false medical information, performing sex selective abortions, and even aiding sex traffickers.  If an abortion giant like Planned Parenthood is doing these things, then believe me, they all are.  If this doesn’t disgust you enough to fight back, what will?  I will say it again, this is the reality of the abortion industry.

This year’s March for Life in DC estimated more than 500,000  people in attendance.  People came together marching for life, speaking out against abortion, and condemning Planned Parenthood.  This was great and very encouraging, but being pro-life cannot mean simply attending a once a year event.  It means joining your local pro life group, praying outside abortion facilities, calling your state reps and telling them to support pro-life laws and evangelizing your neighbor. Being a pro-lifer means defending life at all costs.

Our Christian faith calls us to defend the helpless.  Pope Francis has called all Catholics to defend the unborn even if we are persecuted.  This is our joy and our duty.  This is why we are here.  This earth is not our home.  Our home will be in eternity, but our decisions now affect where that home will be. Are we going to defend God’s children or turn a blind eye to this horrible injustice?  Regardless of what denomination you are, we all believe that He is the creator.  So how do you think HE feels when we ignore the murder of HIS precious children that He created in His own image?

I was born and raised a Catholic, but for most of my life I ignored His calling and I know I will have to answer for that.  I now see the horror of what abortion does to the unborn and the woman, and also what is has done to our society.



Blessed Mother Teresa once said, “We must not be surprised when we hear of murders, of killings, of wars, of hatred. If a mother can kill her own child, what is left but for us to kill each other?”  We have become immune to this killing.  It is in books, magazines, video games and movies now.  When was the last time you were deeply affected by a news story about “just another” homicide?

We need to change how we look at abortion, Planned Parenthood, and each other.  Abortion has been legal for 40 years.  It is not just time to make it illegal. It is time to make it unimaginable.  Women deserve better than to feel that this is their only choice.  Women need to know their potential and embrace it: we are better than this, we are stronger than this, and it’s about time we stand up for ourselves and each other.  Men, we need you too!  This is not just “a women’s issue” or a “religious issue”, this is a human rights issue!

In the words of Pope John Paul II, “A nation that kills its own children is a nation without hope.”

LifeNews Note: Suzanne Miral is the Programs Coordinator for the Houston Coalition for Life.