Gosnell Jurors: Slitting Throats of Babies Was “Business as Usual”

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   May 15, 2013   |   1:04PM   |   Philadelphia, PA

Three of the 12 jurors who served on the jury that convicted abortion practitioner Kermit Gosnell of murder spoke to reporters today about their experience. They called Gosnell a “predator” who slit the throats of babies without remorse.

“He’s the worst example of an abortion doctor in the world, obviously,” said jury foreman David Misko.

Juror Joseph Carroll said the prosecution “did a good job” and that Gosnell deserved life in prison.

According to one local news report:

David Misko, juror No. 5 and the foreman, described the case as emotional, but that the jury did their best.

“It wasn’t easy, but we did the best with all of the information we got,” he said. “Once we figured out what happened it was easy to determine between first and third degree murder.”

Juror No. 6, Sarah Glinski, says the fact that she is not a mother, helped her decide the case.

“It was almost easier for me to detach myself emotionally and look strictly at the evidence because of that,” the 23-year-old said.

Misko, 27, said jurors felt it was easy to see premeditation on Gosnell’s part.

“It was just business as usual and he slipped the necks no matter what happened,” he said.

The jurors said Gosnell has a morbid callousness in the courtroom as his own life hung in the balance.

Speaking about Gosnell’s demeanor in court, Misko said it was difficult to measure the doctor’s personality.



“He gave me nothing to give him an impression on, he just sat there for the past eight weeks smirking,” the juror said. Of the smirk many described seeing, Misko said: “I didn’t care for it.”

However, the jurors said they believed the Gosnell was at one time tried to help women who couldn’t afford proper care, before something went wrong.

“I think somewhere, something went wrong in his mind perhaps that made him do these things to these children that were born alive,” Glinski said.