Gosnell Finally Looks Apprehensive in Court as Verdict Nears

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   May 13, 2013   |   11:39AM   |   Philadelphia, PA

With the jury in the murder trial of abortion practitioner Kermit Gosnell finally getting close to reaching a verdict, reporters in the courtroom say, for the first time, Gosnell looks apprehensive.

The abortionist has been described before as acting jovial with his defense attorney and smiling most of the time as the jury spent weeks listening to horrifying testimony from his former staffers about the abortions and infanticides that took place at his abortion clinic.

Now, reporters say he is looking grim as the verdict could be handed down today.

Gosnell’s attorney Jack McMahon look apprehensive as the jury returned to the courtroom for more instructions from the judge.

  But reports say they prosecutors looked as if they are expecting good news once the jury reaches a final conclusion.

Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life previously addressed the issue of Gosnell smiling.

In short, what goes on in the mind, the soul, of one who does abortions? CLICK LIKE IF YOU’RE PRO-LIFE!


I have examined this question for decades, conducting meetings and healing programs with former abortionists and former abortion clinic workers, and collaborating with Dr. Philip Ney, the Canadian psychiatrist who has done the bulk of the groundbreaking research on this theme. In a matter of weeks, in fact, I will again bring a group of former abortion providers through a weekend of healing.

Seeking to understand how a person gets into the abortion business, and how they come out, is a fascinating and often scary undertaking. It shows us how a human being can totally disconnect from his own natural responses of horror and aversion to killing, from his own natural warnings of conscience. We’re not talking here about a religious conviction or doctrine. We’re talking about the most basic responses, rooted in human nature, that favor the preservation of oneself, of others and of one’s own species.

What we find is the ability to do what Dr. Gosnell has allegedly done.

Each of us has a natural psychological and physical barrier to killing someone. In normal circumstances, we just can’t bring ourselves to do it. This is part of our humanity. Killing is easier when one dehumanizes the victim first. Bullies engage in name-calling before beating up their victims. Yet in dehumanizing the victim, the perpetrator dehumanizes himself. So it is with abortionists.

What we find is that abortionists normally begin medical training with high hopes that they will help humanity. Most of them, however, come from a childhood marked with abuse or neglect, and have low self-worth. An esteemed mentor may take them aside to show them an abortion, and the process of dehumanization is accelerated as soon as the abortionist-in-training refuses to listen to the voice of conscience. Dr. Ney explains in his book “The Centurion’s Pathway”: “They quell their natural protest, ‘no, you mustn’t do that,’ much like they stilled a protest at their own mistreatment. Once they have passively participated in an abortion, they must begin to rationalize to themselves why they did not protest.”