Chen Guangcheng’s Elder Brother Chen Guangfu Violently Beaten

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   May 9, 2013   |   2:48PM   |   Beijing, China

Human rights activists have learned from forced abortion opponent Chen Guangcheng that his elder brother Chen Guangfu was beaten violently by two plain clothed young men this morning.

According to Chen, who called Rev. Bob Fu of the human rights group ChinaAid right after the incident happened, at around 9:50 a.m. Beijing Time, his elder brother Chen Guangfu was riding his motor bike on a road at Duozhuang town, Mengyin county which is about two miles away from his home. A black car without plates forcefully drove in front of Chen’s motor bike and stopped him. Then two young men walked out of the car and started violently beating up Chen repeatedly without saying anything.

Chen Guangcheng told Fu the two men, in their 20s, were well-trained and did not look like local farmers. After beating up Chen, the two also destroyed Chen’s motor bike. Chen was found not severely injured though his head was hit hard by the two men. The incident happened right next to a police station of Duozhuo town, Mengyin county.

Chen then immediately reported the incident to the police but so far the police has not taken any further actions. Chen said he estimated the attackers’ car was about two miles away when the police came to the scene.

“This is certainly a further sign of escalated retaliation campaign against activist Mr Chen Guangcheng by the Chinese government,” said Bob Fu.



Fu told LifeNews, “To employ mafia style of actions in order to silent a fellow citizens voice represents a new low for China’s leaders. It is time for President Obama to immediately intervene with this worsening situation. The US leaders and international community should hold the Chinese top leaders accountable for their miserable failure to deliver its own solemn public international commitment that was made a year ago to both Mr Chen and Mr Obama, which was to protect the safety and civil rights of Mr Chen’s family members and investigate years’ of abuses and torture to Mr Chen, his wife and other family members. ”

According to Chen Guangcheng, since this April 18, a number of incidents of attacks against his family members have already occurred.

Fu said credible evidence shows that the government has launched this new wave of systematic retaliation campaign against his nephew, his three brothers, his aged mother and their private properties in order to force Mr Chen to be silent on the human rights abuses in China.