Leroy Carhart Tells Woman to Complete Abortion in Her Hotel Room

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   May 8, 2013   |   4:19PM   |   Washington, DC

Today’s sting video of Leroy Carhart exposes the late-term abortion practitioner in a number of ways, but one that deserves attention is how he instructions women to complete their multi-day abortions in their hotel room.

As pro-life blogger Jill Stanek explains well, not only does Carhart do that he sends them home from his abortion clinic in Germantown, Maryland with supplies to complete the abortion. If this is not against the law, it’s against best medical standards and practices and potentially puts women’s lives and health at risk.

Then again, Carhart killed Jennifer Morbelli in a botched legal abortion and then lied about it elsewhere in the video. Women’s lives aren’t at the top of his priority list.

If this isn’t cause for an investigation by state regulators in Maryland, I don’t know what is.

After warning the investigator not to call 911 if she senses something amiss in her hotel room, Carhart incredibly states he sets mothers up with self-delivery packs. Completing late-term abortions in hotel rooms must certainly violate all sorts of OSHA and state health and safety laws. And how would hotels like the thought of abortions being completed on their premises? Blood in the bed, babies in toilets, really? Beginning at 7:04 on LA’s video:

Woman: What happens if I deliver at the hotel?

Carhart: Well, we came and helped her clean up the mess, and took the sheets to the clinic, and washed them, and sent her back to the hotel, and she was fine.

Woman: OK, just stay there, or come, we’ll figure this out, OK. But if I do end up going into labor like this woman, you come help clean it up.

Carhart: We’ll come get, yeah, yeah but–

Woman: You’ll take the baby away.

Carhart: Yeah, we’ll come and help.

Woman: OK.

Carhart: We’ll give you, we’ll give everybody a little pack to put stuff in in case it does happen, but as I said–

Woman: A pack?

Carhart: A pack of little drapes and sheets and gloves and all those things, that if you had to do something then you could.

Woman: OK, so if for any reason I did, you’ve given me–

Carhart: You’ve already got the stuff to take care of it.

Woman: A bag to put the baby in, OK.

And so we’ve come full circle, back to the days when women underwent abortions in hotel rooms. How far toward “safe” has abortion come? Not far. This Washington Post photo is of Carhart in a Maryland hotel room with his wife, but it works well with the concept that he is prepared to complete abortions in hotels…