Hollywood Gave Standing Ovation to Doc Comparing Abortions to Cooking Meat

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   May 8, 2013   |   2:54PM   |   Washington, DC

Live Action is out with another shock video today of late-term abortion practitioner Leroy Carhart caught on film comparing killing babies in abortions to cooking meat.

The video should be upsetting to most Americans, but Wesley J. Smith argues that people shouldn’t expect Hollywood or most abortion supporters to flinch. After all, as he notes, they gave Carhart and other late-term abortion practitioners a standing ovation:

Lila Rose will continue to release these videos, late term abortionists and their staff will be taped saying the most blood-curdling things, e.g., late term fetuses are like “meat in a crock pot,” and it will make not a dent among most in the pro choice left. Indeed, late-term abortionists like Leroy Cathcart are considered heroes by many.

For example, the Sundance Film Festival screened the pro late-term abortionist documentary, After Tiller, and four patrimonies attending received a standing O. From the Hollywood Reporter story:

The audience gave a standing ovation for the filmmakers as well as the four featured doctors who were on hand to take questions from the audience after the film. Dr. Warren Hern called the documentary “very important” and dubbed it the first film that “tried to listen to the patients and the doctors about what they’re doing.” The doctors also hope that After Tiller, which features depictions of abortions, destigmatizes the procedure. Dr. Shelley Sella, who is gay, said it is easier to come out as gay than as having had an abortion. Despite the divisive nature of the subject matter, the questions from the audience were universally supportive of the doctors. Several representatives from distributors also were in the audience for the film, which is seeking a buyer.



These are the people who control the popular culture. And they think they are compassionate.